Apps Under Review

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APPs undergo a 30-day public review prior to finalizing it as an official campus-wide policy. All feedback will be reviewed and considered.
The following APP (s) are under 30-day review. To provide comments for an APP, click on the comment button next to the appropriate APP.

Revised/New Policy APP Title Description of Revisions or New APP Comment Period End Comments
992 Use of Biohazardous Materials and Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules in Research and Teaching Activities This DRAFT revised policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of the individuals, offices, and committees that are responsible for ensuring that all appropriate regulations and guidelines covering Biohazardous Materials and Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules are adhered to and outlines the authority to impose disciplinary measures for non-compliance. February 01, 2019 Comment
990 Use of Animals in Research, Teaching, and Testing This DRAFT revised policy is applicable to all research, teaching, training, experimentation, biological testing and related activities involving Animals that are conducted at UCLA, or under the direction of any UCLA employee, student, or agent of UCLA. February 01, 2019 Comment
310 UCLA Mail Services UCLA Policy 310, UCLA Mail Services has been revised to align the policy with campus practice changes and eliminate redundant processes. The main revisions to 310 include: updating the definition of Mail Services Clients, denoting the Chancellor’s designee as the Director Mail, Document & Distribution Services for mail related activities, and updating the criteria and process for exceptions to policy. February 22, 2019 Comment
980 International Academic Agreements This policy has been updated to align with campus practices involving international agreements. Key changes to the policy: (1) Provides definition of new template agreements that have been developed by UCLA Legal Affairs, (2) identifies the role of an agreement coordinator; and (3) provides a flow chart for the approval process of international agreements. February 28, 2019 Comment