Apps Under Review

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APPs undergo a 30-day public review prior to finalizing it as an official campus-wide policy. All feedback will be reviewed and considered.
The following APP (s) are under 30-day review. To provide comments for an APP, click on the comment button next to the appropriate APP.

Revised/New Policy APP Title Description of Revisions or New APP Comment Period End Comments
130 Emergency Notifications (BruinAlert) DRAFT FOR PUBLIC REVIEW This new policy outlines the process and requirements to transmit Emergency Notifications (BruinAlert) and sets forth the campus community’s responsibility to register to receive and to follow any instructions provided in emergency notifications. October 31, 2018 Comment
133 Security Camera Systems DRAFT for Public Review This new policy addresses the use of Security Camera Systems (SCS) to meet the safety and security needs of UCLA while respecting and preserving reasonable expectations of individual privacy. This policy formalizes the procedures for requesting to deploy a new SCS and updating an existing SCS and outlines the requirements for recording, handling, viewing, retaining, disseminating, and destroying live and recorded SCS images on campus. October 15, 2018 Comment