UCLA Policy 112 : Naming of University Facilities and Organizational Units for Individuals
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Administrative Vice Chancellor's Office - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: July 3, 1998
Revision History: APP History


  1. University of California Policy on Naming University Properties, Academic and Non-academic Programs, and Facilities, December 19, 2002; 

  2. UCLA Procedure 112.1, Requests to Name a Campus Facility in Honor of an Individual.


The naming of a University facility or organizational unit for an individual is a significant honor bestowed by action of the President upon recommendation of the Chancellor. The President has full authority for naming University properties, programs, and facilities. The President has delegated partial authority to Chancellors, Laboratory Directors, and the Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources for namings within their jurisdiction, including streets and roads, portions of buildings, small outdoor areas, and other minor properties, and single-campus programs. Currently, the President retains the authority for naming University land reserves, buildings, major centers of activities, and other highly visible properties, and major or multi-campus programs or facilities.

A. Naming in Honor of an Individual, No Gift Involved

  1. Facilities and organizational units may be named for: (a) emeriti as well as deceased members of the University faculty; and (b) for past members of the administration, and of the University community, but individuals will not ordinarily be considered for this honor until at least one year following final, as opposed to phased, retirement from University service (without reference to recall), or death; nor while the individual is still involved with the University in a decision-making capacity. There should be an appropriate relationship between the use of a facility or function of an organizational unit and the person for whom it is named. 

  2. The campus uses the same criteria as outlined in the UCOP Policy which states that a proposed honoree shall have achieved distinction in one or more of the following ways:
    1. While serving the University in an academic capacity, demonstrated such high scholarly distinction as to have earned a national or international reputation in the individual's field(s) of specialization;
    2. While serving the University in an important administrative capacity, rendered distinguished service to the University warranting recognition of the individual's exceptional contributions to the welfare of the University; or
    3. Although not having served the University as an academician or administrator, contributed in truly exceptional ways to the welfare of the institution or achieved such unique distinction as to warrant recognition. 

B. Naming in Recognition of a Gift

  1. Facilities and organizational units may also be named for an individual or for a person whose name is proposed by a donor, when his/her contributions make possible significant additions to University facilities or operations. No commitment for naming shall be made prior to Presidential approval of the proposed name.

  2. The campus uses the same criteria as outlined in the UCOP policy which states that consideration for approval of the naming shall be given to:

    1. The significance of the proposed gift as it relates to the realization and/or success of the project or to the enhancement of the project's usefulness to the University;
    2. The urgency of need for the project or for support funds for the project;

    3. The eminence of the individual whose name is proposed; and

    4. The individual's relationship to the University.

  3. The gift shall be in an amount which will either fund the total cost of the project to be named or provide funding for that portion of the total cost which would not have been available from another source (such as federal or state loans or appropriations, student fees, bond issues), the latter to constitute a significant portion of the total cost of the project to be named, as determined on the merits of each individual case. 




/s/ Blackman, Peter

Administrative Vice Chancellor