UCLA Policy 316 : BruinPost Messaging Service
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Mail, Document & Distribution Services - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: April 27, 2011
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 316, dated 11/12/2010, dated 11/12/2010
Revision History: APP History


  1. Electronic Communications Policy (ECP), University of California, Office of the President;
  2. UCLA Policy 455, UCLA Email Policy and Guidelines;
  3. UCLA Policy 311, Access to and Use of University Mailing Lists;
  4. UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations and Use of Properties.


UCLA recognizes electronic mail (email) as a primary method of sharing information, improving communication, transacting business, and exchanging ideas with employees, students, and the public. UCLA therefore facilitates and strongly endorses the appropriate use of email wherever feasible, and also to promote sustainability objectives and to reduce expenses.  UCLA’s official mass email service is known as “BruinPost” and is administered by Mail, Document and Distribution Services (MDDS) and University Communications and Public Outreach, with technical support and maintenance provided by Communications Technology Services.  Recharged rates for BruinPost services are determined in accordance with University policy and are approved annually by the Policy Committee on Sales and Service Activities and Service Enterprises (POSSSE).

The purpose of this policy is to establish rules of access to, and appropriate use of BruinPost for UCLA departments, units, staff, Registered Campus Organizations and Support Groups.


For the purposes of this Policy, the following defined terms shall apply:

BruinPost Administrator is one of several designated UCLA employees assigned administrative responsibility for hands-on access to and use of the BruinPost service.

BruinPost Client is a UCLA employee designated as the unit or department contact person for BruinPost communications including reviewing and approving all potential BruinPost message content, distribution list selection, and timing of message delivery in consultation with their Issuing Officer and BruinPost Administrator.

Issuing Officer is a University official authorized to designate one or more BruinPost Clients in his or her area of responsibility, and is an “issuer” of most official campus communiques.


University departments or units may send email communications concerning official University business to employees and students by way of University email systems.  BruinPost is the principal campus service for facilitating electronic mass messaging of official University business.

BruinPost emails shall comply with all relevant University policies and guidelines including, but not limited to, the Electronic Communications Policy (ECP) and UCLA Policy 455 (UCLA Email Policy and Guidelines). 

BruinPost may not be used for unlawful activities; commercial purposes not under the auspices of the University; personal financial gain; personal use inconsistent with the ECP; or uses that violate other University policies or guidelines.  BruinPost may not be used to publicize speakers or events on campus other than those under the auspices of the Chancellor’s Office.  Other means of communication are available for such events.

BruinPost is a mass messaging delivery service, but is not an emergency broadcast system for crisis communications (see BruinAlert).

A. Authorized BruinPost Uses and Recipient Lists

BruinPost may be used for the following types of communications:

  • University and campus administrative and academic policy matters;
  • Senior administrative and executive announcements;
  • Compensation, benefits and other employment-related subjects;
  • Campus accounting, purchasing and administrative systems procedures;
  • Academic program announcements, nominations and appointments;
  • Safety and security issues including communiques required by law or policy where electronic means will satisfy legal or policy requirements.

Requests for other types of business communications may be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Initial approval by the Issuing Officer is required but does not guarantee that the request will ultimately be authorized.  Consideration and approval by the Chancellor or his designee is required for any exceptions to this Policy.

Mass messaging to UCLA students must be coordinated through the Registrar’s Office, consistent with UCLA Policy 220 (Disclosure of Information from Student Records).

Recipient Lists

Care should be used in determining the appropriate recipients of BruinPost mass messages.  BruinPost Clients should consult with their Issuing Officer and the BruinPost Administrator to determine an appropriately targeted audience.  If a comprehensive database of desired email recipients derived from the principal campus database is not available, ad hoc lists of additional names may be submitted to MDDS by BruinPost Clients for inclusion in the distribution of a BruinPost message.  Such ad hoc lists may include non-

UCLA employees; however, the message content must still concern official University business.  The BruinPost Administrator is responsible for incorporating official and ad hoc recipient lists in the final message distribution. 

The principal campus database of email addresses contains other personally identifying information which must be protected and may not be disclosed in the course of accessing names and email addresses for BruinPost messaging.

B. Who May Use BruinPost Services

Because the primary purpose of the BruinPost service is to facilitate executive-level communications, access to the service is limited.  Issuing Officers may designate or remove BruinPost Clients at their discretion in their areas of responsibility, and generally in consultation with MDDS.  MDDS is responsible for maintaining a list of departments and individuals with delegated access.

Issuing Officers 

  • Chancellor
  • Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
  • Deans, Associate and Assistant Deans
  • Vice Provosts
  • Vice Chancellors, Associate and Assistant Vice Chancellors
  • Academic Senate Chair
  • University Librarian
  • University Registrar

Eligible Users

The following may utilize the BruinPost service provided such use has been approved by their respective Issuing Officer or designee, and the message content is compliant with this Policy (see E., below):

  • Faculty and staff employees for purposes related to the official business of the University;
  • Campus departments, units whose purpose/mission requires communication to broad segments of the campus population (e.g., Chancellor’s Office, Campus Human Resources, Environment, Health & Safety, etc.), or whose message is deemed appropriate for wide dissemination;
  • Academic and staff employee associations/advisory groups authorized to aid campus administration in seeking the views of employees;
  • Registered Campus Organizations (any organization whose membership is predominantly comprised of UCLA students and/or personnel, is registered with the Center for Student Programming, and abides by the UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations, and Use of Properties);
  • University Support Groups (any group, organization, foundation, or association other than a campus alumni association or campus foundation whose primary purpose is to provide assistance through fundraising, public outreach, and other activities in support of the University’s mission; or whose representatives or activities make the entity indistinguishable from the University itself; or that acts as an agent of or intermediary for the University).

C. Who May Not Use BruinPost Services

The following entities may not use BruinPost services:

  • Organizations not officially registered with the University or otherwise sponsored by a University department or unit;
  • Any organization for commercial purposes;
  • Organizations which function as a collective bargaining agent for University employees;
  • Non-University organizations soliciting funds, except for charitable organizations that have received prior approval from the Chancellor or his designee;
  • Non-affiliated organizations;
  • Members of the general public.

D. BruinPost Service Requests

All BruinPost message requests must be submitted via a BruinPost Service Request Form.  Orders are placed online, and proposed email text is submitted separately.  The BruinPost Administrator will prepare and send an initial email test and then as many follow-up email tests as required to the requesting BruinPost Client, who is responsible for reviewing and responding to each test with requests for revision(s), if applicable.  After a Client has approved a test email, it is scheduled for distribution, archiving, and recharge billing by the BruinPost Administrator.  All distributed BruinPost messages must be saved and archived in a searchable database by the responsible BruinPost Administrator and may not be destroyed or altered after distribution.

E. Responsibility for Final Message Content and Delivery

BruinPost Clients are solely responsible for final message content.  Clients are also responsible for the accuracy, grammar and spelling of all message text, quoted URLs and references.  BruinPost Administrators function primarily as technical experts on the features and policies related to the BruinPost service.  As such, they can provide supplemental review.  Upon receipt of a Service Request Form, the BruinPost Administrator(s) shall direct the Client to the BruinPost policy to ensure it has been read and the Client’s responsibilities are understood.

Any message containing content of a potentially controversial or sensitive nature will be forwarded by the BruinPost Administrator to the Office of the Chancellor and to the Associate Vice Chancellor of University Communications and Public Outreach for review and approval before the message may be scheduled for distribution.  BruinPost Administrators must err on the side of caution if doubt exists about the content, or the BruinPost Administrator feels unqualified to render a judgment.  The Chancellor; Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost; Administrative Vice Chancellor; Vice Chancellor, External Affairs; or, the Associate Vice Chancellor, University Communications and Public Outreach may, at their discretion, suspend delivery of any message deemed to be inappropriate for BruinPost messaging. 




/s/ Morabito, Sam

Administrative Vice Chancellor