UCLA Procedure 640.1 : Jury Service (Academic and Staff Personnel)
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Issuing Officer: Assistant Vice Chancellor - Campus Human Resources
Responsible Office: Campus Human Resources - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: July 1, 1998
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 640.1, dated 1/1/1981 , dated 1/01/1981
Revision History: APP History


  1. Staff Personnel Policy Section 425.3, Jury Duty and Grand Jury Duty, 11/1/1980;

  2. The CALL--UCLA Summary of Policy--Academic Personnel: Appendix 16.


California law governing jury service requires that former campus policy be modified. This campus procedure applies to both academic and staff personnel.

The former California law included a number of categorical exemptions from service, but now all of these have been eliminated. The primary effect of this change at UCLA is that the exemption for teachers has been removed. There is now only one encompassing excuse from jury service, which is:

The Court shall excuse a person from jury service upon finding that the jury service would entail undue hardship on the person or the public serviced by the person.


The University of California continues to hold the view that jury service is a public responsibility which University personnel should meet. There are cases, however, when absence from University duties would work a great hardship on the University. In such a case, it is the employee's responsibility to seek excuse from service; the University can do no more than assist in such a case and may supply the employee with a letter describing the nature of the hardship and requesting excuse (refer to Section IV below). The University cannot guarantee that a request for excuse will be accepted, and it is likely that any excuse granted will take the form of a deferment until arrangements can be made to avoid the hardship. For assistance in preparing a hardship letter, contact the Office of Campus Counsel .

It should be noted that departments must require written verification of actual jury service from personnel returning from jury service. A sample verification form is provided in Attachment A.





Receives notice to serve on Superior or Municipal Court jury.

Notifies supervisor of dates and location of jury service.


Provides employee with verification slip (sample – Attachment A) prior to jury service.

Note : If absence would cause great hardship to the University, department chairperson or equivalent administrative officer prepares a letter describing nature of hardship and requesting excuse and forwards it to the court where it is either accepted or rejected. The Office of Campus Counsel will provide assistance in drafting the letter.


Serves on jury and obtains verification from Court Clerk, including: number of days of jury service, location (e.g., Van Nuys Superior Court, Department 15), names of employee and Court Clerk, and dated signature of Court Clerk.

Returns verification slip to supervisor and resumes campus activities.





/s/ Arnett, Ruie

Assistant Vice Chancellor - Campus Human Resources