UCLA Policy 825 : Key Administration and Control
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Issuing Officer: Assistant Vice Chancellor - Facilities Management
Responsible Office: Facilities Management - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: September 1, 2016
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 825, dated 7/1/1998, dated 7/01/1998
Revision History: APP History


This Policy has been developed to maximize the security of UCLA facilities and provide the administration and control of campus keys.

This Policy applies to keys used for entrance into any on-campus building and spaces within buildings, including but not limited to offices, laboratories, classrooms, and meeting spaces. This Policy does not apply to keys used in residence halls, residential apartments, the UCLA Medical Center, the UCLA Faculty Center, ASUCLA facilities, University Credit Union, Luskin Conference Center, or leased space.


For the purposes of this Policy:

Building Entrance Key Control Coordinator is the individual who has the authority to change and/or authorize access to a building. This authority is granted by the Department Head.

Building Coordinator is the individual or individuals appointed by the Department Head to serve as the principal point of contact for Facilities Management (FM) for FM issues in a particular building or buildings. This individual may or may not also be the Building Entrance Key Control Coordinator.

On-Master Spaces are areas/rooms that are readily accessible to Facilities Management custodial and maintenance personnel.

Off-Master Spaces are areas/rooms that are accessible only to department personnel and are specifically not accessible to Facilities Management personnel. These areas normally contain confidential personnel records, cash money, vivaria, or potentially harmful laboratory chemicals. 


Buildings are keyed in accordance with a campus master keying plan. Unauthorized fabrication, duplication, possession, or use of keys to premises owned by the University of California is a crime (California Penal Code, Section 469) and a violation of UC and UCLA policies applying to activities, registered campus organizations, and uses of properties.

The UCLA Hardware Shop fabricates and issues campus keys according to this Policy and UCLA Procedure 825.1, Building Entrance Keying and Control. The Hardware Shop is a department within Facilities Management, that is responsible for the overall administration of campus keys. Specific responsibilities are assigned in order to implement and ensure compliance with this Policy.

A.  Responsibilities

1. Facilities Management (FM) is responsible for:

  1. Creating keying systems which will ensure security and reasonable convenience to departments occupying buildings or facilities, in coordination with the departments concerned.

  2. Maintaining up-to-date records of: keying systems, Building Entrance Key Control Coordinators, master keys issued to other departments, and the central key control files. The central key control files identify key systems used, key-ways, masters, and change keys, types of lock on doors, and department contact information.

  3. Fabricating and issuing all keys:
  • For new buildings, the initial complement of keys is furnished under the new building or alteration contracts by FM. The initial complement of keys is supplied as an expense against building project funds. Any subsequent issuance of keys is charged to the requesting department.

  • For additional or replacement keys or re-keying existing departmental space, a Facilities Service Request (FSR) with the proper signature authorization is required from the Department Head or his/her designee. See UCLA Procedure 825.1, Building Entrance Keying and Control.

  • When a department receives an allocation of existing space, FM should be consulted regarding keying of the newly assigned area.
  1. Performing all lock work, except that which is required under construction contracts.

  2. Coordinating lost or stolen key records with the UCLA Police Department, if applicable. Determination as to whether re-keying of an area is required (e.g. because of lost or stolen keys) will be based on consultation between FM and the Department Head and/or their designee.

  3. Furnishing a list of master keys and rooms that a department controls, when requested by Department Head and/or their designee. Information will be provided only to the appropriate individual in person and will not be provided over the telephone or via email.

  4. Custodial Services locking and unlocking campus buildings according to posted building schedules. In addition, FM responds to requests to open buildings and classrooms during normal building hours.

  5. Custodial Services performing weekend openings and/or off-hour requirements requested by clients through a Facilities Service Request. This service is normally requested in support of a scheduled, off-hour or weekend event within the building.

  6. Providing access to buildings and/or offices to authorized individuals who have locked themselves out. This service is provided on a recharge basis and will be billed to the respective Department’s blanket account. In order to prevent unauthorized access, FM will verify in the official UCLA Space Inventory data base that the individual is listed in the “occupant” field for the requested space. Individuals who are listed in the occupant field are also required to provide photo proof of identity prior to access being granted. If the individual is either not listed as an authorized occupant of the space or does not possess a photo proof of identity, access cannot be provided. See UCLA Procedure 825.1.

2. The UCLA Police Department is responsible for:

  1. Retention of reports of stolen keys.

  2. Enforcement of California Penal Code, Section 469, which applies to unauthorized use of keys to premises owned by the University of California.

3. Department Head or his/her designee is responsible for:

  1. Recovering all University keys from faculty, visiting scholars, staff, student employees, and students under their jurisdiction who are terminating or transferring to another department or activity, and recording return of the keys. See UCLA Procedure 825.1.

  2. Issuing recovery of key letters to former faculty, visiting scholars, staff, student employees, and students at the request of campus departments.

  3. Securely storing unassigned keys pending reassignment. Locked key boxes may be purchased from FM.

  4. Screening requests for opening campus buildings and rooms during off-normal hours or non-classroom space during normal building hours for authorized personnel holding current valid University identification.

  5. Maintaining departmental key records including take home keys, departmental keys, contact information, date of issuance, and date of retrieval.

  6. Ensuring that weekend openings and/or off-hour requests are scheduled through the use of a completed Facilities Service Request.

  7. Notifying Building Entrance Key Control Coordinator regarding lost, stolen, or refusal to return building entrance keys. See UCLA Procedure 825.1.
4. Faculty, visiting scholar, staff, student employee, or student to whom keys have been issued are responsible for:
  1. Reporting loss, misplaced, stolen, and or lockouts to their supervisor.

  2. Reporting loss or theft of University keys to their department and reporting theft of University keys to the UCLA Police Department as soon as possible.

  3. Reporting loss or theft of University master key rings to their department, Facilities Management, and to the UCLA Police Department immediately.

  4. Signing a key issuance record and maintaining security for any key issued.

  5. Obtaining a valid UCLA photo identification.

  6. Returning keys to department upon separation, transfer, or as requested by department.

5. Building Entrance/Departmental Key Control Coordinators shall be designated for each building or department. Department Head(s) may assign multiple Key Control Coordinators.

  1. Building Entrance Key Control Coordinators are responsible for reviewing/approving requests from departments for building entrance keys; performing periodic reviews of the departments’ record keeping systems; distributing building entrance keys to departments; providing FM with a list identifying individuals in each department who are authorized to request keys; and maintaining a list of individuals with building entrance keys.

  2. Departmental Key Control Coordinators are responsible for establishing and maintaining control of the keys to interior spaces assigned to their departments; reviewing/approving requests for keys; issuing a Facilities Service Request to FM with the proper signature authorization; distributing keys; and record keeping.

B.  Special Security Keying, Keying Changes, or Keying Off Master

Requests to key any space as Off-Master requires a Facilities Service Request signed by the Department Head or his/her designee certifying that the space contains confidential personnel records, cash money, vivaria, or potentially harmful laboratory chemicals. If this is not the case, the Department Head or his/her designee must justify why the space must be keyed Off-Master.

Requests to key spaces as Off-Master must receive the concurrence of FM and the appropriate governmental agencies (e.g. UCLA Police Department, UC Fire Department, etc.). All locks installed will meet current building safety, fire, and A.D.A. codes. The department is responsible for any damages that may result from forcible entry into an Off-Master space resulting from emergency response (i.e. flood, fire, earthquake, etc.).

For any Off-Master space, the department will pay for the cost of modifying the hardware. Additionally, the department will arrange for all custodial work required in these room(s) through the use of a Facilities Service Request.

No department or individual may install locks or keys for space control nor may locks be changed without the prior evaluation and approval of the Department Head and with the concurrence of FM, the appropriate governmental agencies, UCLA Police Department, and UC Fire Department. Unauthorized locks and locking devices will be reported to FM and coordinated with the Department Head and the UCLA Police Department prior to removal.

Public safety personnel (i.e. Fire Department, Police, etc.) shall maintain access to all University buildings and spaces.


  1. UCLA Policy 360, Internal Control Guidelines for Campus Departments  (Section IV.D.3., regarding Custodial and Security Arrangements);

  2. UCLA Procedure 825.1, Building Entrance Keying and Control;

  3. UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations and Use of Properties;

  4. UC Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students (PACAOS);

  5. Online Facilities Service Request.




/s/ Schmader, Kelly

Assistant Vice Chancellor - Facilities Management