UCLA Procedure 825.1 : Building Entrance Keying and Control
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Issuing Officer: Assistant Vice Chancellor - Facilities Management
Responsible Office: Facilities Management - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: September 1, 2016
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 825, dated 7/1/1998 , dated 7/01/1998
Revision History: APP History


In accordance with UCLA Policy 825, Key Administration and Control, building entrance keys are provided to appropriate faculty, staff, and students to unlock doors at designated building entrances that need to be accessible after regular hours of operation. Departments should establish and post hours of operation in coordination with Facilities Management (FM), the department’s Building Coordinator, and in conjunction with issuance of building entrance keys. In general, campus buildings are open from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., unless other specific building hours are established and posted.

Building Entrance Key Control Coordinators and/or Building Coordinators are designated for each building and are responsible for: reviewing and approving departmental requests for building entrance keys; performing periodic reviews of the departments’ record keeping systems; providing FM with a list identifying individuals in each department who are authorized to request keys; and maintaining their own lists of individuals with building entrance keys.

Departments are required to notify Facilities Management Hardware Shop immediately of any changes to their list of individuals who are approved and authorized to request keys.


A. Building Entrance Key Duplication or Rekeying




Completes Facilities Service Request (FSR) and forwards it to Building Entrance Key Control Coordinator for review and approval signature. Updates and maintains department key issuance control records. Request must include key number, quantity requested, justification, and whether departmental pickup or delivery to the department is desired.

Building Entrance/Key Control Coordinator

Reviews and signs request and forwards FSR to FM. Updates and maintains building key issuance control records. If request is for rekeying or lock changes, additional written justification is required with approval from the Department Head or his/her designee. See UCLA Policy 825 for guidance on requesting Off-Master keys.

Building Entrance/Key Control Coordinator will report changes to Police and Fire Department for emergency access information files.

Facilities Management

(Hardware Shop)

Duplicates keys and at discretion of department will either:

  • Call department for pickup, or

  • Have keys delivered to Building Entrance/Key Control Coordinator

If rekeying is requested, changes locks at time of key delivery and collects replaced hardware.

Updates necessary building entrance key control records.

Charges to requesting department appear on General Detail Ledger.

B. Building Entrance Key Distribution and Record Keeping for Departments



Department Building Entrance/Key Control Coordinator

Distributes entrance door keys to appropriate faculty/staff/students according to departmental procedures.

Verifies that individual has proper identification including a photo identification (e.g., UCLA photo identification, driver’s license, or other appropriate identification with photo).

Updates Department/Building Entrance Key Control Coordinator key issuance control records periodically.

Updates list of authorized Building Entrance Key Control Coordinators as personnel changes are made and notifies Facilities Management Hardware Shop immediately. This will ensure timely processing of building entrance key requests.


Updates the UCLA Space Inventory database with the name(s) of the current occupant(s) of the space and frequently updates the occupant field as personnel changes are made.

C.   Building Entrance Key Retrieval




Obtains building entrance keys from terminating or transferring faculty/staff/students implementing department’s own procedures.

Returns keys to Building Entrance Key Control Coordinator including identification of department and terminating faculty/staff/student.

Updates department key issuance control records periodically.

If keys cannot be recovered, or if keys were lost or stolen, or if individual refuses to return keys, notifies Building Entrance Key Control Coordinator (lost, stolen, or refusal), the UCLA Police Department (stolen or refusal only), and FM as follows in Section D.

D. Reporting Lost, Stolen, or Refusal to Return Building Entrance Keys




Notifies Building Entrance Key Control Coordinator regarding lost, stolen, or refusal to return building entrance keys, and updates departmental records.

Building Entrance Key Control Coordinator

Updates building entrance key records and,

  • Notifies UCLA Police Department if building entrance keys are reported stolen; or
  • Notifies the UCLA Police Department - Crime Prevention Office for investigation and follow-up if terminating faculty/staff/student refuses to return building entrance keys.
  • Notifies Facilities Management Hardware Shop.
  • Confers with department representative/UCLA Police Department/Facilities Management regarding whether building entrances need to be rekeyed or locks changed.

E. Requesting Building/Space Access When Locked Out During After Hours of Operation

The following procedures have been established to maximize security and minimize unauthorized access to UCLA buildings and facilities.



Requesting Individual

Calls FM’s Trouble Desk at 310-825-9236 to request access to a building and/or space previously authorized to enter and currently locked out of during after regular hours of operation.

Facilities Management

(Trouble Desk)

Consults the official UCLA Space Inventory data base to verify if the requesting individual is listed in the “occupant” field for the requested space. If the individual is not listed as an authorized occupant of the space, access will not be granted.

Grants authorization once approved access has been verified.

Calls locksmith on duty to open doors.

Facilities Management has a locksmith on campus Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until midnight, and response time should be less than one hour. From midnight until 7 a.m. or on weekends and holidays, a duty locksmith will have to be called in from their residence, and response time may be up to two hours.

Additionally, collective bargaining agreements require employees called in to work during non-duty hours to receive 4 hours of overtime, the total cost of which will be assessed to the department of the locked out individual.  

Facilities Management

(Hardware Shop)

Requests a photo I.D. from the requesting individual and verifies their identity. If the requesting individual is unable to provide photo identification, access will not be granted.

Opens the door for the requesting individual.

Facilities Management

(Trouble Desk)

Recharges department for open door services on the departmental blanket account.


  1. UCLA Policy 825, Key Administration and Control;

  2. UCLA Procedure 815.1, Requesting Facilities Management Services;

  3. Online Facilities Service Request (FSR).




/s/ Schmader, Kelly

Assistant Vice Chancellor - Facilities Management