UCLA Procedure 840.1 : Directory Boards
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Facilities Management - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: October 1, 1999
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 840.1, dated 1/1/1978 , dated 1/01/1978
Revision History: APP History


  1. Memo, "Building Directory Boards," 12/5/1973, (signed by Assistant Vice Chancellor H.B. Thompson).


Directory boards listing Departmental offices and key personnel are located at the main entrances to campus buildings. These boards shall be updated at reasonable intervals as changes occur. There are two types of standard directory boards: 1) Fabricated Strip Text: Preprinted text strips added by line; 2) Self-Text Knob Boards: Background of "buttons" with single, attached letters forming text.




Department Administrative Head

Delegates representative within the department or agency to be in charge of noting additions, deletions, and changes of personnel or rooms to be posted on directory boards of building(s) housing the department or agency.

Departmental Representative

Lists changes as they occur and periodically presents accumulation to Department Administrative Head.

Department Administrative Head

Reviews list and determines which changes, if any, are to be made.

Departmental Representative

Fabricated Strip Text Directory Board

  • Initiates UCLA Facilities Service Request (Form 40) to Facilities Management.

  • Attaches appropriate list(s) of additions, deletions, changes, or department relocations (see Attachment A).

Facilities Management

Processes Service Request and makes changes to directory board.


Departmental Representative

Self-Text Knob Directory Board

  • Obtains Building Letter and Number Kit from the primary occupant department.

  • Initiates a Directory Board Letters/Numbers Order Form (see Attachment B) indicating the number of letters and numbers needed plus the quantity needed to refill the Building Letter and Number Kit.

  • Faxes or mails completed form to Facilities Management.

Facilities Management

Processes letter/number order and returns filled order to Departmental Representative.

Departmental Representative

Makes changes to update the board.

Restocks the Building Letter and Number Kit and returns kit to person responsible for retaining it.





/s/ Powazek, Jack

Administrative Vice Chancellor