UCLA Policy 890 : Gender Inclusive Facilities
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Issuing Officer: Assistant Vice Chancellor - Facilities Management
Responsible Office: Facilities Management - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: April 1, 2016
Revision History: APP History


The University of California (UC) Guidelines for Providing Gender Inclusive Facilities provides direction on the implementation of Gender Inclusive Facilities in UC-Owned Buildings. The UC Guidelines were adopted into the UC Facilities Manual, a document that catalogs systemwide policies, procedures, and guidelines for facilities management, construction and operations. This Policy implements the UC guidelines and was drafted in conjunction with the UCLA Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and other key campus departments.

This Policy sets forth the requirements that will guide UCLA efforts toward Gender Inclusive Facilities and establishes the process to request a waiver from this Policy. This Policy applies to UCLA-owned facilities (restrooms, changing rooms, and showers); including new construction, existing and renovated facilities, and privatized projects developed on UCLA-owned land where the project is to be used for University related purposes. Campus units and auxiliaries with responsibility for planning, developing, or operating UC-owned building space are required to comply with this Policy.

While this Policy does not extend to UCLA-leased facilities, evaluation of the availability of Gender Inclusive Facilities shall occur when beginning or renewing leases, especially when UCLA leases more than 50% of a building or leases a building for 10 years or longer.


For the purposes of this Policy:

Changing Room is a room in which one or more persons partially or fully disrobe and re-dress, this includes locker rooms.

Gender Identity is an individual’s sense of oneself as male, female, transgender, or otherwise, including an individual’s self-image, appearance, expression or behavior, whether or not that self-image, appearance, expression or behavior is different from the individual’s sex assigned at birth.

Gender Inclusive Facility, sometimes referred to as “Gender Neutral Facility” or “All Gender Facility,” is a facility, including a Restroom, Shower, and Changing Room, that is usable by persons of all Gender Identities.

Gender Specific Facility is a facility that includes a Restroom, Shower, and Changing Room, designated for use by one gender, for example male or female.

Major Renovation is a renovation exceeding 50% of the replacement cost of the area being renovated.

Restroom is any facility equipped with toilets, urinals, and/or other similar facilities, that is for use by the public for personal hygiene and comfort. “In a public facility” and “for use by the public” in this context covers essentially all UCLA Facilities (e.g., Restrooms, Changing Rooms, and Showers), except for Facilities located within private residences or apartments, within dormitory suites, or in areas not accessible to the public.

Shower is a space in which one or more persons bathe or shower.

UCLA-Owned Building is a building that is owned by UCLA, including off-campus buildings and buildings designed and/or built by third parties that are to become the property of UCLA upon completion.


UCLA is strongly committed to creating and sustaining a campus environment that supports and values all members of our community, including visitors. This Policy focuses on providing a safe environment, consistent with the UCLA Principles of Community and efforts aimed at civility and respect. Gender inclusion requires providing access and equality by creating an environment that is safe, accessible, and respectful of all individuals. One aspect of creating an inclusive environment is the availability of safe, accessible, and convenient facilities for all individuals.

All Gender Inclusive Facilities shall provide privacy and security for the individual user and include spaces and fixtures equivalent to Gender Specific Facilities.

A. Existing Facilities

Facilities Management (FM) shall maintain an accurate list of Gender Inclusive Facilities in the campus space database, on the FM website, and identify the locations of all Gender Inclusive Facilities on the interactive campus map. FM shall update the list of Gender Inclusive Facilities and related campus map no less than once every six months.

1. Conversion of Certain Gender Specific Restrooms

FM shall convert all existing, single-occupancy or single-stall Gender Specific Restrooms in UCLA-Owned Buildings to Gender Inclusive Restrooms (GIRR). Most conversions will require no more than replacing Gender Specific signage with Gender Inclusive signage. Conversions that are accomplished by signage changes alone shall not be considered renovations.

2. Buildings that Lack a GIRR

Some UCLA-Owned Buildings may lack any single-occupancy or single-stall Restroom and therefore the conversion of all single-occupancy or single-stall Gender Specific Restroom to a GIRR does not guarantee that every UCLA-Owned Building will contain a GIRR following conversions. If a UCLA-Owned Building lacks at least one GIRR following all signage conversions:

  • Construction of a GIRR must be seriously considered;

  • A building with a GIRR should be within two minutes of pedestrian travel time between building entrances that contains a GIRR; and 

  • FM shall install a directional sign in a conspicuous location, approved by the Campus Architect and normally near the building’s main entrance, indicating the nearest UCLA-Owned Building with a GIRR.

B. New Construction

For UCLA-Owned Buildings beginning design on or after July 1, 2015, Capital Programs shall ensure the following:

1. Restrooms

The construction of at least one GIRR on each floor where Restrooms are required or provided in a building. GIRRs on each floor shall be accessible consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the  California Building Cod (CBC).

2. Changing Rooms

The construction of at least one gender inclusive Changing Room in each location in the building where Changing Rooms are required or provided. The Gender Inclusive Changing Room shall be located such that the user does not need to leave the location to use the Changing Room.

3. Showers

The construction of gender inclusive Showers in new buildings in which Showers are required or provided. If the Shower(s) are located within a Changing Room, the gender inclusive Shower(s) shall be located so the user does not need to leave the Changing Room to use the Shower.

C. Renovation

For UCLA-Owned Buildings beginning design on or after July 1, 2015, the campus shall ensure the following:

1. Restrooms

For Major Renovations made to existing Restrooms or to one or more floors of an existing building that does not have at least one GIRR, the campus shall provide a GIRR in the same building.

2. Changing Rooms

For Major Renovations to Changing Rooms, the campus shall construct at least one gender inclusive private Changing Room in each location in any building where Changing Rooms are provided or when the Changing Room is renovated.

3. Showers

For Major Renovations to any building or when an existing Shower is renovated, the campus shall construct at least one Gender Inclusive Shower in each location in any building where Showers are provided or required. The Shower(s) shall be located within the Changing Room so the user does not need to leave the Changing Room to use the Shower(s).

D. Signage

A Gender Inclusive Facility will be identified in a simple manner, utilizing the minimum signage required by the CBC and the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design (ADA). All Gender Inclusive Facilities shall be identified by signage containing a triangle within a circle of contrasting color, without gender pictograms. In addition to this image, all Gender Inclusive Facilities shall be marked by signage that identifies the facility as an “All Gender” facility. For example, all GIRRs shall have signage that states “All Gender Restroom.”

Facilities Management in conjunction with the Campus Architect is responsible for designing, manufacturing, and affixing signage to all Gender Inclusive Facilities. If an unapproved sign is affixed, installed, or placed on UCLA Property, FM is authorized to initiate a process to have it removed at the expense of the person(s) or unit that made the unauthorized placement.

E. Feedback

Any concerns, suggestions, or recommendations related to this Policy should be submitted to the Title IX Coordinator at 310-206-3417. Any inquiries concerning facility construction, maintenance, or repair should be directed to the FM Trouble Call center using the on-line Trouble Call submission process or by calling 310-825-9236.


In instances where hardship may preclude full compliance with this Policy, campus departments/units, through their respective Building Coordinator, may request that a waiver from this Policy be approved. The waiver request form is provided as Attachment A. Approval authority for these waivers has been delegated from the Chancellor to the Campus Building Official, who shall maintain a file of all waiver requests and provide waiver decisions to individual requestors through the respective Building Coordinator. Building Coordinator assignments may be obtained by contacting Facilities Management at 310-206-4241.


1.       University of California Guidelines for Providing Gender Inclusive Facilities;

2.      UCLA Principles of Community;

3.      California Building Code (CBC);

4.      2010 Standards for Accessible Design (ADA).





/s/ Schmader, Kelly

Assistant Vice Chancellor - Facilities Management