APP Historical Revisions

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This is a list of APP updates in chronological order, beginning with the most recent update. This list can be sorted by APP number. Subscribe here to receive email notifications whenever there is a new or change to an APP.

Effective APP Description
5/20/2019 Pol 980 International Academic Agreements. This policy has been updated to align with campus practices involving international agreements. The major revisions include 1) provides definition of new template agreements, 2) identifies the role of agreement coordinator and 3) provides a flow chart for the approval process of international agreements.
1/15/2008 Pol 980 International Academic Agreements. This revised, expanded policy describes different types of international agreements, including memorandums of understanding, responsibilities of faculty members and selected campus officials, and new procedures for proposing an International Exchange Agreement.
2/20/2003 Pol 980 International Academic Agreements. Revised policy reflects change of Institute's name, updated procedures for submitting proposed Agreements, and is reissued under signature of the Vice Provost - UCLA International Institute. This policy supersedes UCLA Procedure 980, dated January 1, 1999.