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UCLA Policy  106: Visiting Dignitaries

ISSUING OFFICER:  Vice Chancellor - External Affairs


RESPONSIBLE OFFICE:  Special Events & Protocol  - Look Up Contact Person


EFFECTIVE DATE:  February 1, 2011

SUPERSEDES:  UCLA Policy 106, dated 6/1/2010 


Over the years, UCLA has hosted many national and international dignitaries at a variety of major University events. The Chancellor has delegated administrative responsibility for dignitary visits to External Affairs, to serve as the office of record and campus resource for protocol and assistance for dignitary visits. This policy establishes the responsibilities and procedure for arranging dignitary visits to UCLA, to ensure that these visits are well-coordinated and that event goals and objectives are met.


  1. Chancellor’s Memo to Deans, Directors, Department Chairs and Administrative Officers, re: Dignitary Visits to UCLA, dated January 29, 2001;

  2. Vice Chancellor, External Affairs’ Memo re: Visiting Dignitary Request Form, dated February, 2011;

  3. UCLA Procedure 860.2, Security Arrangements for Special Visitors.

Before obligating the university to a dignitary visit, the UCLA Visiting Dignitary Request Form (Attachment A) must be completed and forwarded to the Office of the Vice Chancellor, External Affairs for review and approval. This Policy applies to all dignitary visits to campus, whether they are university-initiated or requested by an outside entity. External Affairs will consult with the Chancellor to determine his involvement including, but not limited to, his extending the invitation personally and his participation in the visit, if approved. The Chancellor reserves the right to extend the invitation to any dignitary in the categories listed below:

  • Current or former chiefs of state/heads of government, or their spouses

  • High-ranking members of royalty

  • United Nations secretary general

  • High-ranking representatives of foreign governments

  • Religious or spiritual leaders, such as the Pope

  • United States Cabinet members

  • United States members of Congress (senators and representatives)

  • Supreme Court Justices

  • California governor and/or first spouse

  • Mayor of Los Angeles
The Visiting Dignitary Request Form must be submitted before committing to a dignitary visit, even if the visiting dignitary does not fall into one of these categories. The Chancellor’s Office must be advised, protocol guidance provided and impacted campus departments notified (e.g., Events Office, Campus Police, Facilities, etc.).

Costs associated with a dignitary visit to UCLA shall be borne by the department/unit sponsoring the visit, including those events that have the Chancellor’s name on an invitation as host or co-host. Such costs, such as security expenses, can be significant and should be carefully considered beforehand. The department’s full accounting unit (FAU) which will incur the costs of the event must be provided.

Chancellor's Role

The Chancellor reserves the right to fulfill any or all of the following roles:

  • Personally extending invitation letters to dignitaries
  • His name included as host/co-host on any printed invitations sent to guests

  • Greeting dignitaries and their delegations upon arrival

  • Providing welcome remarks and introducing the dignitary at any program

  • Presenting any honors bestowed upon the dignitary

  • Presenting the official University gift
The Chancellor may recommend that his role be conducted by another appropriate University official of his designation. External Affairs will advise on the appropriate protocol. For more information, see UCLA Special Events & Protocol web site.

A. UCLA Visiting Dignitary Request Form




 /s/ Rhea Turteltaub



 Vice Chancellor - External Affairs





Questions should be directed to the Contact for the Responsible Office identified at the top of this procedure.

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