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UCLA Policy  455: UCLA Email Policy and Guidelines

ISSUING OFFICER:  Vice Provost - Information Technology


RESPONSIBLE OFFICE:  Office of Information Technology  - Look Up Contact Person

EFFECTIVE DATE:  August 16, 2010


This policy is currently under review and will be published on the Administrative Policies & Procedures Web site when that review has been completed. It remains in effect, although certain information may be incorrect or outdated. In particular, sections V.E., Access Without Consent; V.F., UCLA Recourse; Attachment C., Policies Relating to Non-consensual Access to Email; and Attachment D., UCLA Authorization Form for Non-consensual Access to Email Records have all been superseded effective 08/16/2010 by UCLAPolicy 410, Nonconsensual Access to Electronic Communications Records.

Also, see the University of California Electronic Communications Policy which is the foundational policy source for use of electronic communications in all forms, including email.

For questions or more information, follow the link above for the Responsible Office Contact Person




 /s/ James Davis



 Vice Provost - Information Technology





Questions should be directed to the Contact for the Responsible Office identified at the top of this procedure.

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