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UCLA Procedure  630.1: Responding to Reports of Sexual Harassment

ISSUING OFFICER:  Vice Chancellor - Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


RESPONSIBLE OFFICE:  Sexual Harassment Prevention Office  - Look Up Contact Person

EFFECTIVE DATE:  April 20, 2007

SUPERSEDES:  Rescinded as of January 20, 2016 

This procedure has been rescinded effective as of the date noted above. The subject matter covered in this procedure has been superseded by information contained in the UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy. Additional information can be found at the UCLA Sexual Violence Prevention and Response web pageUCLA Student Conduct Procedures for Allegations of Prohibited Conduct, and the Discrimination Prevention Office and Title IX Office Procedures for Handling Allegations of Discrimination, Harassment, or Retaliation.

For more information, contact the Title IX Coordinator at 310-206-3417 or




 /s/ Jerry Kang



 Vice Chancellor - Equity, Diversity & Inclusion





Questions should be directed to the Contact for the Responsible Office identified at the top of this procedure.

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