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UCLA Procedure  860.2: Security Arrangements for Special Visitors

ISSUING OFFICER:  Associate Vice Chancellor - Administrative Services


RESPONSIBLE OFFICE:  UCLA Police Department  - Look Up Contact Person


EFFECTIVE DATE:  September 1, 1999

SUPERSEDES:  UCLA Procedure 60.2, dated 4/1/1983  


  1. UCLA Procedure 860.1, Scheduling Campus Facilities and Services for Cultural, Educational and Recreational Events;
  1. Department of Community Safety: "Private Security Services." 


This procedure describes the actions to be followed in arranging security for special visitors, dignitaries (e.g., political or diplomatic) or other newsworthy visitors to the campus. It applies to campus groups or non-campus groups that extend an invitation to a special visitor in relation to a campus event.


Requestor Notifies University of California, Police Department (UCLA PD) at x51491 or x56543.
Note: UCLA PD requires 30 days advance notice of any event, or as soon as possible if Requestor has less than 30 days of advance notice initially.
The following information must be provided:
  • Name of guest and information regarding involvement of government agencies, e.g. Secret Service, State Department, etc. 
  • Location of event 
  • If event is public and type of event (meeting, concert, etc.) 
  • Date and length of time 
  • Number of people attending event 
  • Name of visitor's representative for further information 
  • Whether or not there are cash sales 
  • If alcohol is being served 
  • Name of security firm, if one is being used 
  • Whether or not press coverage is anticipated
UCLAPD Advises Requestor about types of security arrangements required and provides cost estimates if security team services will be required.
Note: Appeals regarding the nature of recommended services should be brought to the attention of the Administrative Vice Chancellor if such matters cannot be negotiated between the Requestor and UCLA PD.
If available, contacts representative from Special Visitor's staff for further consultation.
If security services are required, sets up schedule for security team with notification to Requestor.
Secures a copy of security firm's license and insurance policy or bond.
When visitor is part of a cultural, educational, or recreational event, refers to UCLA Procedure 860.1 for appropriate procedures.




 /s/ Allen Solomon



 Associate Vice Chancellor - Administrative Services





Questions should be directed to the Contact for the Responsible Office identified at the top of this procedure.

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