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Sponsoring or Modifying a Policy

Sponsoring a New Policy or Procedure

New Administrative Policies or Procedures (APPs) generally arise from requirements imposed on the campus by the legislature or by the UC Office of the President. They may also enable a department to provide guidance or control in a specific area applicable to all campus entities. Such policies and procedures may be added to the compendium of Administrative Policies & Procedures.

A department that wishes to sponsor a new APP should consult with other affected campus departments and staff to develop a well-rounded draft. The draft should be submitted to the Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations who will determine the level of review needed, recommend revisions and reformatting as an APP and, upon completion of the review, forward a final version to the appropriate Issuing Officer for approval.

Revising, Rescinding, or Superseding an Existing APP

Usually, an APP's Responsible Policy Officer contacts the Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations if he or she is interested in revising an APP. Or, the Manager may advise Responsible Departments to revise an APP when superseding policy directives, generally from the UC Office of the President, are promulgated.

If it is determined that another source of policy or procedure should take the place of an existing APP, or that an APP is no longer needed, it may be formally superseded or rescinded. The authority to supersede or rescind ultimately rests with the APP's Issuing Officer.

Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations

The Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations coordinates with the issuing department on the creation of new APPs and changes to existing APPs; manages the content and functionality of the APP and Delegations Web sites; and reviews proposed APPs to ensure that the content is current, that the wording and organization are consistent with other APPs, and that the layout conforms to the standard APP format. The Manager may also form inter-departmental policy development work groups as warranted to review proposed new or revised policies that have a broad campus impact.

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