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UCLA Procedure 100.0 : Attachment A

Policy Process Overview

The process to propose, develop, revise, and maintain an APP is set forth in UCLA Policy 100, Administrative Policies and Procedures. The department or unit wishing to develop an APP will designate a Responsible Policy Official (RPO) to coordinate the policy process with the Policy Manager. The following illustration provides an overview of the key responsibilities of the RPO. 

1. Determine Need

2. Develop

3. Communicate

4. Maintain

Determine whether a proposed APP satisfies the criteria specified in UCLA Policy 100.

Obtain approval from Issuing Officer (Assistant VC, VP, or above administrator).

Contact Policy Manager to obtain approval to proceed with developing a new APP.


Prepare draft APP using the APP template. Contact Policy Manager for template.

Review draft with Policy Manager.

Review draft with key stakeholders.

Prepare draft for a 30-day public review & comment period.

Finalize draft and obtain approvals from Issuing Officer and Policy Manager.


Coordinate with Policy Manager to publish the APP on the APP website.

Prepare a communication plan to announce APP to campus.


Implement and enforce APP, unless responsibility is delegated to another department / unit.

Evaluate APP at least every 5 years to ensure continuing accuracy, relevance, and compliance with applicable UC policy or State and federal law.

Complete Policy Review Form at least every 5 years and submit to Policy Manager.

Contact Policy Manager, as needed, to update APP or draft supporting policies or procedures.