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UCLA Procedure 603.1 : Attachment A

Definitions of Personal, Non-Personal and Confidential Information

A. Personal Information

Any information in any record about an individual which is maintained by the University and is not included in the definitions of non-personal and confidential information in items B and C below. Examples include but are not limited to home telephone numbers, citizenship, birth dates, social security numbers, education records, business and financial transactions, medical and employment histories. (Note that an individual's home address may be disclosed after the individual has had the opportunity to request nondisclosure but does not so request.)

B. Non-Personal Information

Information consisting only of names, campus addresses, campus telephone numbers, and other limited factual data which could not, in any reasonable way: (a) reflect or convey anything detrimental, disparaging, or threatening to an individual's reputation, rights, benefits, privileges, or qualifications; or (b) be used to make a determination that would affect an individual's rights, benefits, privileges, or qualifications;

A campus telephone book or directory;

A card catalog of any campus library, or the contents of any book listed within the card catalog;

A mailing list (consisting only of names and addresses) used exclusively by the campus or the University (see UCLA Policy 311);

Records required by law to be maintained and used solely as a system of statistical records, as long as such records are not used in making any determination about an identifiable individual.

C. Confidential Information

Any record pertaining to:

The enforcement of criminal laws;

Written testing or examination material, or scoring keys used to determine individual qualifications for appointment or promotion, or for academic examination;

Medical, psychiatric, or psychological material if the campus determines that disclosure would be medically or psychologically detrimental to the individual;

Investigative materials (including their sources) maintained for the purpose of investigating a specific violation of a state law as long as an investigation is in process and is necessary to protect law enforcement activities;

Medi-Cal related health care service claims.