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UCLA Procedure 811.0 : Attachment A

Other Related Policies, Procedures and Resources


  1. UCLA Policy 130: Emergency Notifications (BruinAlert).
  2. UCLA Policy 131: Weapons on Campus.
  3. UCLA Policy 135: Animals on University Property.
  4. UCLA Policy 810: Smoke-Free Environment.
  5. UCLA Procedure 820.1: Response to Initiation of Cal/OSHA Safety Inspection-Investigation.
  6. UCLA Policy 905: UCLA Policy 905 Research Lab Personal Safety and Protective Equipment
  7. UCLA Interim Policy 906: Undergraduate Researcher Laboratory Safety
  8. UCLA Policy 907: Safe Handling of Particularly Hazardous Substances
  9. UCLA Policy 990: Use of Laboratory Animal Subjects in Research.
  10. UCLA Policy 991: Protection of Human Subjects in Research.
  11. UCLA Policy 992: Use of Biohazardous Materials and Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules in Research and Teaching Activities
  12. UCLA Policy 994: Radiation Safety
  13. UCLA Procedure 994.1: Radiation Producing Equipment
  14. UCLA Procedure 994.2: Volunteers and Visitors in Non-Clinical Radiation Use Areas.
  15. UCLA Environment, Health & Safety: https://www.ehs.ucla.edu/
  16. UC Terms and Conditions of Purchase Article 14, Subpart B. Environmental, Safety, Health and Fire Protection