UCLA Procedure 115.1 : Lowering of University Flag to Half-Mast (Upon Death of Employee or Elected Student Official)
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Facilities Management - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: November 22, 2008
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 115.1, dated 7/1/1998, dated 7/01/1998
Revision History: APP History


  1. UCLA Policy 115, Display of Flags;
  2. UCLA Policy 160, Faculty, Staff, or Student Death Response and Reporting;
  3. UCLA Procedure 160.1, Employee Death Reporting;
  4. UCLA Procedure 160.2, Student Death Response and Reporting.


The lowering of flags to half-mast at campus locations is done, traditionally, upon the death of certain designated persons, as set forth below.

  1. Upon the death of a Federal or State official, or otherwise at the direction of the President of the United States or the Governor of California, the flag of the United States will be lowered to half-mast for the period of mourning announced in the proclamation; the State and University of California flags must also be lowered to half-mast, accordingly, if flown.
  2. The UCLA campus follows the practice of honoring any campus employee or elected student official upon his or her death by lowering to half-mast the University flag only at the Pauley Pavilion location for one day (refer to Section III. below). The first Thursday and Friday of each month are reserved for commemoration of deceased UCLA employees and deceased student government officials or others, as the Chancellor deems appropriate, who passed away the previous month.

In all cases above, an appropriate notation is placed on the plaque located at the bases of the flagpole.


Department Head Upon notification of the death of an academic or staff employee, contacts the Chancellor’s Office and requests lowering of the University flag to half mast.


Student Government Association President (Graduate or Undergraduate) Upon notification of the death of an elected student government official, contacts the Chancellor’s Office and requests lowering of the University flag to half-mast.
Chancellor’s Office In accordance with UCLA Policy 160, prepares a Death Notice form after being notified of a death and forwards copies to appropriate departments as noted on the form.
If a request for lowering of the flag is approved, contacts Facilities Management withinformation regarding deceased UCLA employee(s),deceased student official(s) or others, as the Chancellor deems appropriate, in advance of first Thursday and Friday of the month following their death.

Note: If the first day of the month falls on a Friday, the flag will be lowered the following Thursday and Friday (the 7th and 8th of the month).

Facilities Management Coordinates details for lowering University flag to half-mast at Pauley Pavilion location in accordance with the flag protocol described in UCLA Policy 115, and placement and removal of 3 x 5 index cards in flagpole plaque.




/s/ Powazek, Jack

Administrative Vice Chancellor