UCLA Procedure 160.1 : Employee Death Reporting
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Issuing Officer: Assistant Vice Chancellor - Campus Human Resources
Responsible Office: Campus Human Resources - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: June 21, 1999
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 670.1, dated 11/1/1981 , dated 11/01/1981
Revision History: APP History


  1. UC Accounting Manual: P-196-25 - Payroll: Employee Death Payments; 

  2. UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members – Policy 83: Death Payments; 

  3. UC Bargaining Agreements; 

  4. UCLA Policy 160, Faculty, Staff, or Student Death Response and Reporting; 

  5. UCLA Procedure 115.1, Lowering of University Flag to Half-Mast (Upon Death of Employee or Elected Student Official); 

  6. UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) Brochures: The Retirement Plan for Members Without Social Security Coverage, or, The Retirement Plan for Members With Social Security (brochures available from the Campus Human Resources Benefits Office);

  7. California Public Employees - Retirement System (PERS) Brochure (brochures available from the Campus Human Resources Benefits Office);

  8. UCLA Payroll Time Reporting User Guide: Section E3: Special Processes – Death Payments.


The death of an employee requires that certain actions be taken by responsible campus officers to insure that proper notifications are made and personnel-related business matters are handled expeditiously.

The following procedures are to be followed for reporting an employee death. They apply to active and emeriti academic and current staff (including without salary) and students who are University employees. Information regarding eligibility for death payments and benefits is provided in the references identified in items I.1., I.2., and I.3. in the preceding section.


Immediate notification of an employee's death should be provided to the Chancellor's Office in accordance with the following procedures.



Employee’s Department

When advised of employee’s death, immediately phones Chancellor’s Office at (310) 825-2121 with the following information:

    • Employee’s name, age, sex, department, and position title and student status if the employee is a registered UCLA student; 

    • Date, time and cause of death (if known);  

    • Date employment began at University, and if applicable, date retired; 

    • Name and address of surviving spouse, dependent, or beneficiary and relationship if other than surviving spouse or next of kin;   

    • Date that flag should be flown at half-mast (if wanted).

Contacts Campus Human Resources Benefits Office at (310) 794-0830 for campus employees, or the Healthcare Human Resources Benefits Office at (310) 794-0500 for Medical Enterprise employees and provides the following information:

    • Employee name, identification number, department name, and title; 

    • Last day worked, last day on pay status; 

    • Date and cause of death (if known);

    • Name, address, and phone number of surviving spouse, dependent, or contact person.

Contacts Payroll Services at (310) 794-8704 for the one-month salary death benefit.

Enters a separation action into Personnel/Payroll Employee Database (EDB) system.

Chancellor’s Office

Reports applicable information by phone to:

    • Office of Media Relations;

    • President’s Office;

    • Emeriti Service Center;

    • Facilities Maintenance for half-mast flag, if applicable (refer to UCLA Procedure 115.1).

Reports the above information by mail (in memorandum) form to: Mail and Document Services, Attention: List Maintenance Service.

Prepares and sends copies of Death Notice to the following as applicable:

    • Chancellor’s Communications Service;   

    • Office of Media Relations; 

    • Payroll Services;   

    • Academic Senate (for academic employees only);

    • Emeriti Center;   

    • Campus Human Resources or Healthcare Human Resources (for insurance and retirement);

    • Dean of Students;

    • Graduate Division;

    • Chancellor’s Office staff (3 copies, or as needed).

If no surviving spouse or dependent or beneficiary is identified on Death Notice, also prepares Notice of Employee Death and sends it to Division of Industrial Accidents.

Sends letter of condolence to spouse, dependent, or beneficiary.

If deceased is of possible interest to news media, prepares obituary for submission to news media. Also submits version for President’s Report to The Regents.

Campus Human Resources or Healthcare Human Resources

Notifies Office of the President’s retirement system and appropriate insurance carrier of death.

If there is insurance, writes letter of condolence to beneficiary describing processes and provides name and phone number of contact for additional information.

Payroll Services

Upon receipt of death notice, determines eligibility of deceased for payment of one month’s salary to a spouse or eligible dependent or beneficiary, and then determines amount of salary and accrued vacation earned but not paid prior to death. Takes all legal steps to make payment of this money to the proper survivor.





/s/ Arnett, Ruie

Assistant Vice Chancellor - Campus Human Resources