UCLA Procedure 310.5 : UCLA Messenger Services
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Issuing Officer: Interim Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer
Responsible Office: Mail, Document & Distribution Services - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: November 15, 2022
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 310.5 , dated 8/14/2009
Revision History: APP History


UCLA Messenger Services is a unit within Mail, Document & Distribution Services (MDDS) and provides pick-up and delivery of time-sensitive documents and packages, to on- and off-campus locations.

The purpose of this Procedure is to outline the process to request the pick-up and/or delivery of urgent documents and materials, including package limitations. This service is exclusively limited to University business and Mail Services Clients will be charged for services rendered (see UCLA Policy 310).


A.    Restrictions concerning package weight and size exist to ensure prompt delivery of time-sensitive items needed to conduct University business.

  • The maximum weight for packages that Messenger Services will routinely handle is 25 pounds each.
  • For packages between 25 and 70 pounds, please contact Messenger Services to arrange for special handling (additional staff or equipment may be needed for safety). The maximum package weight is 70 pounds.

B.    Items must be packaged or boxed for safe handling. Messenger Services does not handle the movement of furniture, appliances or equipment (for assistance, please see the UCLA Vendor Agreement List under the listing “Moving Services”). 

C.    No radioactive or hazardous material will be handled by Messenger Services. Contact UCLA Environment, Health & Safety for assistance.

D.    When no one is present at the delivery location, an “attempt to deliver” notice will be left and a follow-up delivery will be attempted the following business day. The second attempt, or requested additional attempts, will be charged at the full regular rate.




Mail Services Client

Addresses time-sensitive mail or parcel including:

addressee’s full name

department name or business name

On-Campus: building and room number

Off-Campus: full address

A complete UCLA return address (including name, department, and location) is required.

Contacts Messenger Services at Messenger@mdds.ucla.edu, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and supplies the following information:

name and extension of the person calling

department recharge I.D. number

pick-up location (building and room number)

delivery location

                -- department name or business name

                -- contact person

                -- On-Campus: building and room number

                -- Off-Campus: full address

hand truck requirement (for heavy parcels)

Messenger Services

Upon receipt of the request, generates a messenger slip.  Requests received after 3:00 p.m. are usually delivered the next morning.

Gives priority to on-campus deliveries and schedules them so that morning pick-ups are delivered in the morning and afternoon pick-ups are delivered in the afternoon.

Charges departments according to approved recharge rates and bills them at month-end.


1.   UCLA Policy 310, UCLA Mail and Bulk Services.




/s/ Baird-James, Allison

Interim Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer