UCLA Procedure 348.1 : Student Sponsorship; Agreements, Billing, and Collection of Fees
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Issuing Officer: Assistant Vice Chancellor - Corporate Financial Services
Responsible Office: - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: May 1, 1999
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 530.1, dated 4/1/1984 , dated 4/01/1984
Revision History: APP History


  1. University of California Accounting Manual: Chapter R212-2 (PDF), Receivables Management  


The intent of the following procedure is to:

  • Formalize the financial relationships among the University, the Sponsor, and the student with regard to mandatory University fees; 

  • Validate the existence of committed and financially responsible Sponsors of students; 

  • Set reasonable limits on the amount of time given to Sponsors and Sponsored students to pay mandatory University student fees.


A Sponsor is a corporation, governmental agency, or academic institution other than UCLA (public or private) entering into a formal agreement to pay mandatory University fees on behalf of a student (as defined in the University of California Student Fees and Deposits booklet published yearly by the UC Office of the President). Relatives of students, or other private individuals do not qualify as Sponsors.


Current University practice allows Sponsored students to register without paying their mandatory University fees, provided a UCLA Student Sponsorship Agreement (Agreement) has been signed by the University, the student, and the Sponsor*. A student’s fees will not be reflected as "paid" until the Agreement has been signed by all parties. Sponsors are billed for fees at the beginning of a term.   

* Note : Sponsors exempt from Agreement requirement: California Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran’s Administration, Military Services branches, and Agency for International Development (AID).   

Although the Sponsor may have both signed the Agreement and been billed, it is the student who is ultimately responsible for payment of fees. If payment is not received within two terms, the student becomes liable for the fees, and will no longer be granted the privilege of registering without paying. If neither the student nor the Sponsor remits payment, the University policy applicable to any student with a delinquent outstanding balance takes effect; that is, the student will eventually become ineligible to register and the student’s transcripts will be withheld by UCLA.




Sponsor Submits written verification of intent to pay fees (Offer Letter) to the Student Accounting Office.
Student Accounting Office (SAO) If the Sponsor is not well known, SAO may check credit history or seek other verification information from another campus office or outside source.
Upon receipt of the Offer Letter, mails the Agreement to the Sponsor for signature. The Agreement states that the student will be allowed to register and enroll in advance of receipt of payment from Sponsor, and that the student will be billed if the Sponsor does not pay.
Sponsor Signs the Agreement and forwards it to the student for signature.
Student Signs the Agreement and returns to SAO.
SAO Establishes the student/Sponsor association in the Billing and Receivable (BAR) system.
Sends copy of signed Agreement to both the student and the Sponsor.
Prior to the start of the quarter, BAR reflects mandatory fees as "paid" on the student’s bill, and posts a charge on the Sponsor’s bill.
BAR generates a bill to the Sponsor monthly.
Sponsor Remits payment within two full quarters.
SAO If payment is not received by the end of two full quarters:

Deletes the student/Sponsor association in BAR, thereby canceling the charge to the Sponsor and creating an amount due on the student’s account. (Tuition and fee charges once reflected as "paid" on a student’s account thereby become "unpaid".)

In the event that a student’s withdrawal or registration cancellation reduces tuition and fee charges, the BAR system automatically adjusts both the student’s and the Sponsor’s accounts accordingly.
If and when the Sponsor withdraws an Offer:

Deletes the Sponsor/student association in BAR. The resulting adjustments are automatically and immediately reflected on both the student and the Sponsor accounts.


A. UCLA Student Sponsorship Agreement

Forms are available lfrom the Student Accounting Office, B303 Murphy Hall, 143248.




/s/ Abeles, Susan

Assistant Vice Chancellor - Corporate Financial Services