UCLA Procedure 350.1 : Telephone and Voice Related Services
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Information Technology Services - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: February 15, 2020
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 350.1, dated 9/1/1985 , dated 8/18/2014
Revision History: APP History


Voice telephone service is provided centrally using a University-owned telephone switching system, and specific auxiliary equipment (i.e., key system units) as required. Service requested by customers from outside carriers (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.) terminates at one of the MPOE’s (Minimum Points of Entry), the point at which the local exchange carrier cable first enters a university building. Information Technology Services (IT Services) is responsible for extending service from this point to the designated location. IT Services also provides off-campus locations with voice service or consultation based on their proximity to campus and desired service plans.

This Procedure outlines the process for UCLA departments and units to request voice related services and related equipment repairs.


IT Services approves and provides the connection for all electronic and/or electro-mechanical devices used for voice transmission at the University. All telephone sets, auxiliary equipment, and accessories to be used for provision of voice service communication must be approved by IT Services. In general, IT Services requires that all major campus voice service equipment be purchased by UCLA customers. In those cases where IT Services does not offer a voice product or service, it will work with customers to identify an appropriate source that satisfies customer requirements. IT Services ensures that all equipment and components comply with industry standards and FCC regulations. IT Services maintains a policy of diversification for local, long distance, and cellular calling services to ensure advantageous service and pricing plans to its customers.


The following procedures describe how UCLA departments/units may request voice related services including installation, removal or change, and initiate repair of malfunctioning equipment or services.

A. Ordering Services




Submits service request via the IT Services Web Center.

IT Services

Prioritizes orders for service based on urgency (see UCLA Policy 350).

Determines delivery of service intervals based on the type and magnitude of service requested:

  • Basic service is estimated for delivery within 5 working days after the request is received by the Web Center.

  • Complex service is negotiated on a project basis by an IT Services Telecommunications Project Consultant and department/unit representative.

B. Troubleshooting and Repair

The IT Services Client Support is responsible for all campus voice equipment and system service calls.




Contacts the IT Services Client Support to report voice equipment and/or system problem.

IT Services Client Support Analyst

Responds to all initial trouble reports and attempts to isolate and resolve the problem.

If unable to resolve problem, disseminates request to the field, the Network Operations Center, or to an outside vendor (Verizon,Sprint, AT&T, etc.) as appropriate. Technicians in one of these areas work to resolve the reported problem.

Coordinates all activity for dispatched problems until resolution is reached and as necessary, provides status reports to the customer until resolution is achieved.

Note: Standard/non-service affecting repair is dispatched within 4 hours. Emergency/service affecting repair is dispatched immediately.



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2.      UCLA Information Technology Services Web Site;

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Administrative Vice Chancellor