UCLA Procedure 350.6 : Campus Backbone Network (CBN)
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Information Technology Services - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: February 15, 2020
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 350.6, dated 9/19/2001, dated 9/19/2001
Revision History: APP History


The UCLA Campus Backbone Network (CBN) is a high performance "network of networks" that interconnects the UCLA community, providing access to departmental computing resources, University of California system resources, and regional, national, and international networks. The network enables an individual at a single workstation to access many services on a variety of computers and numerous networks both on- and off-campus, including Internet access. Comprehensive security requirements cover all aspects of the network including physical access to equipment, as well as access to academic and administrative data. The network is designed to be highly reliable and operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This Procedure outlines the CBN usage guidelines, Information Technology Services’ (IT Services) protocol when performance or function of the CBN is seriously disrupted, and the process for UCLA departments and units to request CBN services.


Responsibilities for networking on campus are based on a concept of departmental network autonomy. IT Services is fully responsible for the performance of the CBN and the infrastructure services provided therein. Campus departments and units are responsible for the operation and performance of their network and its components as well as end user support.

CBN Guidelines

  1. The CBN provides transport for the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol communication protocol. Other protocols cannot be supported unless previously converted through an appropriate gateway. Users are connected to the CBN via a school, division, and/or department/unit local area network (LAN) and the appropriate equipment. Individual workstations, computers, file servers, and/or gateways cannot be connected directly to the CBN.
  2. A consistent set of rules based on technical standards governs the establishment, upgrade, and modification of campus wiring schemes. The standards are computer network specific and require compliance with physical cabling parameters as presented in the document entitled “Communications Infrastructure Standard for UCLA” (contact IT Services for a copy).
  3. Access to and use of campus computer and network services is a privilege, and requires that individuals act responsibly and respect the rights of others, as well as the integrity of the systems and related physical resources. Users must observe all relevant laws, regulations, acceptable use policies, and contractual obligations.

CBN Disruption Protocol

Network activity that seriously disrupts, degrades, or threatens the performance or function of the CBN will be considered an emergency circumstance as defined in the UC Electronic Communications Policy. Under such conditions, IT Services may elect to protect the CBN by implementing a temporary block to contain the disruptive traffic. When such an action is taken, IT Services Network Operations will notify, as soon as possible, the Network Coordinator(s) (NC) responsible for, or affected by the block, as well as the UCLA IT Security Coordinator. The scope of the block will be the feasible minimum necessary to overcome the disruption. The block will be removed when the NC warrants that the disruptive traffic has ceased.


Requesting CBN Services from IT Services






Contacts IT Services to request an evaluation and consultation for network connectivity.



IT Services


Evaluates department/unit needs and initiates consulting/planning meetings with client. Informs client of relevant support services available from IT Services following CBN connection and of specific responsibilities that must be assumed by client (see CBN User Connection Agreement).



Department/Unit Head


  1. Prepares and signs CBN User Connection Agreement indicating the type of connection desired (see IT Services Web site for more information).

  2. Designates technically qualified liaison person as the Network Coordinator (NC) and an alternate NC to work with IT Services, who will act as the departmental/ unit representative for problems associated with the CBN.



IT Services


Orders the equipment (if not in stock) and the installation of the fiber circuit between department/unit hardware and CBN hardware.



Department/Unit Head


Submits Web Center Service Request, for department/unit fiber interconnect cabling (if not in place already).



IT Services


Schedules connection (service activation date), completes the connection, and recharges the department/unit.



  1. UCLA Policy 350, Telecommunications Systems Services;
  2. UCLA Information Technology Services Web Site;
  3. UCLA IT Services Acceptable Use Policy;
  4. UC Electronic Communications Policy




/s/ Beck, Michael

Administrative Vice Chancellor