UCLA Policy 411 : Registration and Use of UCLA Domain Names
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Issuing Officer: Vice Chancellor - External Affairs
Responsible Office: UCLA Communications - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: February 24, 2012
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 411 dated September 14, 2005, dated 9/14/2005
Revision History: APP History


  1. UCLA Policy 110, Use of the University’s Names, Seals, and Trademarks;

  2. UC Delegation of Authority 0864, Policy to Permit Use of the University’s Name, May 3, 1985;

  3. UC Electronic Communications Policy, November 17, 2000 (Revised August 18, 2005);

  4. UC Administrative Guidelines for Support Groups;

  5. UCLA Internal Domain Name Request Form.


For the purposes of this Policy, the following definitions shall apply:

Campus Entity: an officially recognized UCLA school, department, center, laboratory, division or institute, and the UCLA Academic Senate.

Campus Name(s)UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles, or other abbreviations or any other name, marks or logos of which these designations or abbreviations are a part (see UCLA Policy 110).

Domain Name: all or part of an electronic address used to identify and locate an Internet site or service, such as a Web site. A Domain Name is hierarchical in nature and often conveys information about the type of entity using the Domain Name. For example, college.ucla.edu identifies the College of Letters & Science at UCLA. The address of the College’s Web site in the College’s domain is www.college.ucla.edu.

External UCLA Domain Name: a Domain Name registered by a Campus Entity or Recognized Campus Organization under any Top-Level Domain other than “edu,” whether or not the Domain Name contains a Campus Name. For example, uclaplasticsurgery.com or methamphetamine.org.

Internal UCLA Domain Name: a Domain Name registered by a Campus Entity or Recognized Campus Organization directly under the ucla.edu domain. For example, library.ucla.edu or law.ucla.edu, but not csg.oit.ucla.edu.

Non Campus Entity: any organization or group with an affiliation to, or contractual relationship with, UCLA. Examples include a nonprofit, educationally related entity, a professional organization or a commercial services provider.

Recognized Campus Organization: the Associated Students UCLA, Alumni Association, UCLA Foundation, UCLA Faculty Center Association, UCLA Emeriti Association, UCLA Retirees’ Association and any (other) organization whose affiliation with UCLA is governed by the UC Administrative Guidelines for Support Groups, or by contractual documents. Student and campus activity organizations registered through the Center for Student Programming are also considered Recognized Campus Organizations.

Top-Level Domainin a Domain Name, that portion of the Domain Name that appears to the right of the right-most “dot.” For example, “com” in ucla.com or “edu” in ucla.edu.

UCLA Domain Namean authorized External UCLA Domain Name or Internal UCLA Domain Name.


UCLA Domain Names are the electronic addresses used to find specific Web site destinations and other UCLA electronic services. Like the names of publications and programs, Domain Names can be an important part of a unit’s identity and public outreach efforts and, therefore, have an impact on how UCLA as a whole is perceived.

This Policy specifies how existing University policies governing the use of the UCLA names, seals and trademarks (see UCLA Policy 110) apply to Domain Names. This Policy also addresses the process for registering Domain Names at UCLA. This Policy does not address issues of ownership of intellectual property.


All UCLA Domain Names are the exclusive property of The Regents of the University of California (The Regents). UCLA Domain Names are subject to this Policy and other University policies even if the Web sites or other electronic services associated with them are contractually delegated to, or operated by, Non Campus Entities. Similarly, this Policy and other University policies apply whether sites or services associated with UCLA Domain Names are hosted on UCLA servers or elsewhere.

A. Roles & Responsibilities

University Communications–Marketing, Communications & Special Events and the Office of the Campus Counsel share oversight responsibility for External UCLA Domain Names to prevent inappropriate use of Campus Name(s). The former registers Campus Names under appropriate Top-Level Domains on behalf of UCLA; the latter will audit Domain Names that contain Campus Names for violations of UC and UCLA policy on the use of University and/or Campus Names, and respond accordingly if violations are found.

Campus Entities should give careful consideration to what type of Domain Name would be most appropriate when a new UCLA Domain Name is needed and should strive to align Domain Names with institutional goals, have them be consistent with the campus’s identity and branding and be meaningful and sustainable over time. See Attachment A, “How to Choose A Good Domain Name.”

Administrators of Campus Entities are responsible for ensuring Domain Name Requests comply with policies and procedures and that careful thought and consideration are given to adherence to the guidelines recommended in Attachment A, “How to Choose a Good Domain Name.”

B. Requests for UCLA Domain Names by Campus Entities

  1. Internal UCLA Domain Names may be requested by an authorized administrator of a Campus Entity by completing the UCLA Internal Domain Name Request Form and filing such a request with the IT Services Web Center.  All requests for Internal UCLA Domain Names require sign-off approval from the appropriate Vice Chancellor, Dean, Department Chair, Director or designee. Requested Internal UCLA Domain Names may only contain letters and digits (for example, abc123.ucla.edu, but not xyz-987.ucla.edu).

    1. If the requested name is the name of a Campus Entity, it will be authorized and assigned to the requesting entity if it is not already in use. To avoid domain name proliferation or confusion, only one form is allowed (e.g., law.ucla.edu or lawschool.ucla.edu, but not both).

    2. If the requested name is the name of an individual (e.g., johndoe.ucla.edu), a service meaningful only internally to a unit (e.g., xdrive.ucla.edu), or will be short-lived (e.g., mysurvey.ucla.edu), it will be denied.

    3. All other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis using the guidance given in Attachment A.  Requests for a Domain Name that conform to the guidelines will be authorized and assigned to the requesting Campus Entity on a first come, first served basis, if the name is not already in use.  However, University Communications reserves the right to propose an alternative or to deny a request if the requested name is deemed not in the best interest of the campus.

      Appeals regarding requests for Internal UCLA Domain Names that have been denied, or disputes over UCLA Domain Names between Campus Entities may be made to the Vice Chancellor, External Affairs, who, in consultation with other campus officials, as appropriate, will make the final determination.

  2. External UCLA Domain Names for a Campus Entity may be registered by an authorized administrator through a domain registrar (e.g., see ICANN Accredited Registrars). External UCLA Domain Names may be aliases for Web sites or other electronic services hosted on campus, or they may be the addresses of such UCLA sites hosted off campus. 

    1. External UCLA Domain Names must be registered in the name of The Regents as follows:

      The Registrant: The Regents of the University of California, followed by the name of the responsible Campus Entity, and complete UCLA address. Administrative, technical and billing contact information should be directed to the Campus Entity.

      The University retains the right to Domain Names which promote or identify a UCLA program or service, or that are closely identified with UCLA, whether or not they are properly registered in the name of The Regents.

    2. Campus Entities are solely responsible for all registration fees and ongoing costs.

    3. Campus Entities must establish the appropriate UCLA identity of their Web sites or services that use an External UCLA Domain Name (see the UCLA Graphic Identity Program).

      Campus Entities and Recognized Campus Organizations should be aware that when using commercial service providers (for example, to host a Web site or handle mass mailing), all relevant University policies still apply. These include all policies protecting privacy (UCLA Policy 404, Protection of Electronically Stored Personal Information, and the UC Electronic Communications Policy.)

C. Requesting External UCLA Domain Names for Recognized Campus Organizations

Recognized Campus Organizations, such as the UCLA Alumni Association, UCLA Faculty Center Association and the UCLA Foundation, are permitted to use the UCLA name in registering an appropriate External UCLA Domain Name (e.g., www.uclalumni.net). For qualifying information about UCLA Support Groups, see the UC Administrative Guidelines for Support Groups. For qualifying information about registered student groups, contact the Center for Student Programming.

D. Requesting Internal UCLA Domain Names for Non Campus Entities

Campus Entities may sponsor the Web or other electronic presence of a Non Campus Entity such as a community group or professional organization. In such cases, the sponsorship must be approved in writing by the appropriate Dean, Vice Chancellor, Director or designee, according to the Campus Entity’s usual practice. With such approval, the Campus Entity sponsor may request to register the Internal UCLA Domain Name and assumes the responsibility (including financial responsibility) for the Web site or service. To make the sponsorship clear and to avoid possible confusion, Domain Names for Non Campus Entities might reside under the sponsor’s domain (e.g., “noncampusentity.anderson.ucla.edu”, rather than “noncampusentity.ucla.edu”).





/s/ Turteltaub, Rhea

Vice Chancellor - External Affairs