UCLA Procedure 615.1 : Employee Driving Records
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Events & Transportation - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: May 11, 2008
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 615.1, dated 5/02/2006
Revision History: APP History


  1. University of California Guidelines on Drivers and Drivers' Public Driving Record (PDF) issued July 24, 1989;

  2. Department of Motor Vehicles, California Driver License Classes.


The California Vehicle and Public Utility Codes require employers of drivers of certain types of vehicles to obtain reports of the driver’s public driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). There are criminal penalties for employing or continuing to employ as a driver a person who has had a disqualifying action taken against the person’s license or certificate.

As an employer of drivers, UCLA participates in the DMV “Employer Pull Notice Program” (EPN), which is a process for providing the employer with a report showing each driver’s current public driving record and the status of any required certification.

Persons against whom a disqualifying action (suspension or revocation of license or certificate) has been taken by the DMV shall not be employed as drivers. Persons considered by the University to have a poor driving record or presumed to be a “negligent” operator by the DMV based on violation point counts shall not be employed as drivers.

Applicability to UCLA Employees

This procedure applies to all University employees in the following job titles without exception:

4823 Mail Processor
5066 Delivery Worker
8471 Automotive Technician Supervisor
8472 Lead Automotive Technician
8473 Automotive Technician
8474 Assistant Automotive Technician
8483 Driver
8485 Principal Automotive Equipment Operator
8486 Senior Automotive Equipment Operator
8487 Automotive Equipment Operator
8489 Principal Automotive Equipment Operator Supervisor

This procedure also applies to all other University employees who in the course of their employment:

  1. Operate a vehicle requiring a Class A (or 1) or Class B (or 2) driver’s license (see Reference 2, above); or
  2. Operate a vehicle requiring a special certificate (ambulance, private school bus, farm labor vehicle, special construction equipment, youth bus, vehicle transporting radioactive material, vehicle transporting hazardous waste, and vehicle with tank configuration); or
  3. Are identified by the University as appropriate for participation in the DMV Employer Pull Notice Program based on the job requirement to drive while on official University business.


  1. The departments of Transportation - Fleet & Transit (FT), UCLA Police Department (UCPD), and Medical Center Human Resources are the UCLA liaisons with the DMV for the EPN Program and are the only departments authorized to add, delete, or receive EPN Program records from the DMV. Medical Center Human Resources shall procure DMV records for Medical Center employees; UCPD shall procure DMV records for employees of the Police and Community Safety; and Transportation - FT shall procure DMV records for all other non-academic employees.

  2. The Campus and Medical Center Human Resources Departments are responsible for advising on appropriate personnel actions to be taken related to driving records.

  3. Department heads are responsible for identification of all employees and prospective employees who will participate in the EPN Program, as defined in Section II., above. Department heads are also responsible for reporting driving requirements on job descriptions and employment requisitions, informing employees and applicants about the EPN information, and, in consultation with the Campus or Medical Center Human Resources Departments, taking appropriate personnel actions related to employee driving records.

  4. Employees are responsible for maintaining their driver’s licenses and special certificates required for the performance of their job duties. Employees are also responsible for promptly notifying the department head of expiration, conviction, or other DMV actions against their driver’s license or certificate. (See Attachment C).




Department Head

Identifies positions which require incumbents to be included in the EPN Program and ensures that this condition is clearly stated in job descriptions and employment recruitments.

Campus / Medical Center Human Resources

Reviews job descriptions and employment requisitions to ensure they contain notice that incumbents will be placed on the EPN Program.

Department Head

Requires prospective employees to provide a public driving record report from the DMV (Motor Vehicles Report) prior to making a final offer of employment (Attachment A and Attachment E). The driving record report must be current, i.e., dated within 10 calendar days of submission to the hiring department.

Completes and forwards to Transportation - FT, UCPD, or Medical Center Human Resources the EPN Program form (Attachment B) for each current and new employee identified and a photocopy of the Driver's License in order to verify that the first and last name matches DMV records.

Provides notice to employees who are added to the Employer Pull Notice Program (Attachment C and Attachment E).

Transportation - FT / UCPD / Medical Center Human Resources

Prepares and submits the EPN to the DMV to add an employee to the EPN Program.

Maintains a master list of employees included in EPN Program.


Maintains the driver’s license and certificates required for performance of assigned job duties and promptly notifies the department head of expiration, conviction, or other DMV actions against the license or certificate.

Transportation - FT / UCPD / Medical Center Human Resources

Receives from the DMV all driver record reports and maintains driver's report files to ensure security and confidentiality of information to the extent legally permissible.

Campus / Medical Center Human Resources

Reviews driver record reports and notices of convictions for motor vehicle violations and determines when information should be disseminated to the department head.

Maintains driver's report files to ensure security and confidentiality to the extent legally permissible.

Advises department head of appropriate notice, corrective action or discipline to be taken for employees with poor driving records or who receive convictions for motor vehicle violations.

Department Head

In consultation with Campus or Medical Center Human Resources, provides notice to employee’s driving record (Attachment D and Attachment E).

Notifies Transportation - FT, UCPD or Medical Center Human Resources to delete from the EPN Program employees who have terminated or transferred from positions as drivers (Attachment B).

Transportation - FT / UCPD / Medical Center Human Resources

Submits EPNs to the DMV every six (6) years for employees with continuing appointments as drivers.





/s/ Morabito, Sam

Administrative Vice Chancellor