UCLA Policy 742 : Acquisition of Works of Art, Antiquities, and Artifacts
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Procurement - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: July 1, 1998
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 742, dated 12/1/1983, dated 12/01/1983
Revision History: APP History


  1. Presidential Policy: "Ethics of Acquisition of Art and Antiquities," 3/7/1973;

  2. UCLA Directive: "Gifts-in-kind," 2/28/1975 (signed by C. B. Raaberg, Gifts and Endowments Officer);

  3. UCLA Procedure 742.1, Acquiring Works of Art, Antiquities, and Artifacts;

  4. UCLA Procedure 742.2, De-acquisition of Works of Art by Sale or Exchange;

  5. UCLA Delegation of Authority 730.01, Soliciting, Accepting and Returning Gifts, 2/28/2006.


The University of California at Los Angeles serves as a repository for works of art, antiquities, archaeological materials, and other artifacts acquired by gift, bequest, or purchase which are under the jurisdiction of either the Frederick S. Wight Art Gallery, the Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, or the Fowler Museum of Cultural History.

The purpose of the University is primarily educational; therefore, it must exercise some control over the acquisition of art and related materials to assure that its holdings complement its educational charge.


A. Criteria 

The acquisition of all works of art, antiquities, and artifacts is conducted according to the following criteria: All items shall be adjudged as to whether they demonstrably enhance an existing campus collection, fill an identifiable instructional purpose, add to the aesthetic value of the campus, or contribute in a significant way to an academic program or research activity conducted by a recognized research unit.

B. Refusal

In the case of gifts and bequests, the University retains the right to select those materials which it deems to be of value to its overall purpose and programs, and to refuse or to exercise the right to dispose of items which are outside of its parameters of quality, relevance, authenticity, and overall purpose.

Gifts-in-kind shall not be accepted if offered subject to conditions such as display in perpetuity or other restrictions of use without the prior approval of the Chancellor. Items shall not be acquired from other than the legal owner. The University will not furnish evaluations of items to the offerer.

C. De-acquisition

The University shall retain the right to the de-acquisition of any items, however acquired, which do not meet its overall standards of quality or relevance as described herein. De-acquisition of materials, within legally imposed restrictions, shall be related to the policies here set forth, rather than to temporary needs or to the dictates of taste.

Funds realized from the de-acquisition of materials shall be used to augment University holdings in art, antiquities, and artifacts or otherwise fulfill the intent of the original donation, bequest, or appropriation as determined by the Chancellor on the recommendation of the appropriate Advisory Committee or Committees.




/s/ Morabito, Sam

Administrative Vice Chancellor