UCLA Policy 860 : Extracurricular Use of University Facilities
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Events Office - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: September 23, 2008
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 860, dated 5/8/2000, dated 7/01/1985
Revision History: APP History


  1. UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations & Use of Properties;

  2. UCLA Events and Ticketing Web Site.  


University facilities are operated to meet the University's teaching, research and public service missions.  This policy sets forth the conditions under which University and non-University groups may utilize University facilities for extracurricular purposes, and the responsiblities of the campus body authorized by the Chancellor to govern such use.

This policy does not apply to facilities use that occurs within the regular and recurring sphere of academic activities of a University department or school.


University facilities may be made available for extracurricular purposes when such use is consistent with the mission of the University and when all of the prescribed conditions for such use are met.

Extracurricular Use Defined

Extracurricular Facilities Use (Extracurricular Use) is defined as the use of a University facility, including campus open-space areas, for an event or activity or series of events or activities promoted and/or coordinated by a University or non-University group or groups that is not part of or defined as academic instruction, or an activity or event which does not carry academic credit.

Generally, an Extracurricular Use involves a use of University facilities not directly in support of the academic mission or charge of a University department, or a use that involves activities beyond those normally occurring within the facility, or a use that may have a significant impact on normal University functions, programs, or activities of the facility.

University Guarantor Defined

A University Guarantor is that entity which bears financial, legal and procedural responsibility for all University costs and commitments related to an Extracurricular Use (a Guaranty).  A University Guarantor may be a University unit or department, or it may be an entity that is external to the University (Institution). (See III.C, below)

A. Extracurricular Use Requirements

Any proposed Extracurricular Use must:

  • have a University Guarantor;

  • be registered through the Events Online (EOL) Event Registration system;

  • be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Review and Oversight Entity; and

  • satisfy the Conditions of Use as described below.

B. Campus Review and Oversight of Extracurricular Use

The UCLA Events Office (EO) is the designated Review and Oversight Entity, acting on behalf of and reporting to the Administrative Vice Chancellor, for all Extracurricular Use of University facilities. 

Generally, a request for Extracurricular Use that falls within the scope and sphere of normal activities of a University Guarantor which is a University unit or department, that meets all of the Conditions of Use, noted below, and has been successfully submitted via an EOL Event Registration can be executed by the University unit or department.  Events that do not fall within the normal scope and sphere of the University unit or department will be executed by the EO.

The Campus Facilities Coordinating Commission (CFCC) (see Attachment A) should be consulted by the EO to assist in reviewing Extracurricular Use requests when the magnitude of the event, the attendees, or the program content has institutional significance.  In these instances, the approval of the CFCC is warranted in addition to that of the Administrative Vice Chancellor or his designee. 

The CFCC, together with the EO, shall:

  • review and approve the programmatic content of an event to ensure compliance with University policies, regulations and guidelines; and

  • determine the administration of an event, in conjunction with the facility and/or event manager.

C.    Types of Extracurricular Use Guaranties

A Guaranty of Extracurricular Use may be approved in one of the following ways.  In all cases, an EOL Event Registration request must be submitted for review and approval (see III.D, below).

1.   Departmental Guaranty

A University department or unit, including the Academic Senate or either of the two official Student Governments, may guaranty an event or activity proposed by a non-University group (Institution) when the group or event has a direct programmatic relationship to the purposes of the guarantying University department or unit.

2.   Institutional Guaranty

An event proposed by a non-University group (Institution) which has no direct programmatic relationship to a University department or unit may be guarantied by the Institution.  Such proposals will be submitted to the EO and subject to review by the Administrative Vice Chancellor and the CFCC, which will make a recommendation to the Chancellor or his designee, who may grant an Institutional Guaranty.

3.   Off-Campus Event Guaranty

Events or activities for which there will be a general appeal to an off-campus audience, including events involving off-campus publicity, promotion, ticketing, or media coverage or which are organized, produced or funded by an off-campus entity, must have an Institutional Guaranty as defined above, or may be authorized by one of the following University units: 

  • UCLA Events Office
  • UCLA Live
  • UCLA Housing and Hospitality Services
  • Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Student Affairs
  • University Extension
  • External Affairs
  • ASUCLA Services & Enterprises
  • School of the Arts & Architecture
  • School of Theater, Film & Television  

Off-campus publicity for a program which involves the use of University facilities and University name(s) may be released only after review and approval by the appropriate University review entity per UCLA Policy 110, Use of the University's Names, Seals and Trademarks.

D.    Events Online Event Registration

The Events Online (EOL) Event Registration is the University’s official system for requesting Extracurricular Use of University facilities.  No extracurricular event or activity may occur without EOL Event Registration and approval.

The EOL Event Registration is comprised of three major sections:  1) Event Organizer's information, including name, address, etc.; 2) Event information, including date, time, location, and services, etc.; and 3) Authorized signatory information and approval.

All Extracurricular Use must be submitted through EOL Event Registration for appropriate review and approval a minimum of ten (10) working days PRIOR to the execution or administration of any event or activity.  Any EOL Event Registration submitted after the ten (10) working days will be subject to denial and/or cancellation.

In addition to the review and approval process, the EOL Event Registration also notifies via email applicable campus service providers and administration for various services and elements of an event or activity once the process is implemented.  The notifications are sent to all applicable service providers depending on the Event Organizer's requirements as stated via a checklist on the registration form.

E.    Conditions of Use

Extracurricular Use should not unreasonably interfere with the University’s instructional or research programs, official University functions and activities, or relations with its neighboring community.  The use of University facilities is subject to their availability and existing facility operating policies, the impact on the campus and community environment, the ability of campus agencies to control traffic and security, applicable health and safety regulations, and related federal, state and local laws, including the following:

1.     Purpose

        University facilities may be used when the use:

  • is in furtherance of the University's teaching, research or public service mission; 
  • is in the best interests of the University and is justified by the intended purpose, function, and availability of the facilities; or 
  • provides financial resources which reduce the funding requirements upon state, University, or student fee sources for facility related expense.

2.     Scheduling

Any Extracurricular Use of University facilities should be scheduled so as to minimize interference with University programs.  In addition, in order to limit potential schedule conflicts with academic programs, extracurricular events may be scheduled no more than twenty-four (24) months in advance.  Exceptions to this policy must have a recommendation from the CFCC and approval of the Administrative Vice Chancellor and/or the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs.  Any requests for use of University facilities must utilize the EOL Event Registration process.

3.     Services

The University retains first right of refusal for all contracted services, goods, and/or equipment to facilitate the Extracurricular Use of any University properties.  All services, goods and/or equipment required for Extracurricular Use of University facilities by an off-campus organization will be required to utilize the Events Office to coordinate and execute all such services, goods and/or equipment.  Exceptions maybe granted by the UCLA Events Office acting on behalf of and reporting to the Administrative Vice Chancellor.

4.     Cost

A facility rental fee, determined by the facility manager, will be assessed for Extracurricular Use.  All costs for services, goods and/or equipment, including, but not limited to:  custodial services, utilities, event management and supervision, insurance, equipment rentals, lighting systems and sound systems, associated with the extracurricular activity will be assessed to the activity, and be the responsibility of the University Guarantor of the event or activity.

5.     Regulations

Any use of University facilities must be in accordance with the provisions of the "UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations and Use of Properties" and other applicable University policies and facility regulations.

6.     Fundraising Activities

Any use of a University facility which involves fundraising for a University or non-University entity must have the prior approval of the Vice Chancellor, External Affairs, or his/her designee, to ensure compliance with the University's overall fund raising efforts and policies.

7.     Any special requirements of the facility or event manager.

F. Governance of Extracurricular Facilities Use

The UCLA Events Office, as the designated Review and Oversight Entity, and the Campus Facilities Coordinating Commission (CFCC) are authorized to govern the Extracurricular Use of University facilities.  





/s/ Morabito, Sam

Administrative Vice Chancellor