UCLA Policy 863 : Filming and Photography on Campus
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Events Office - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: January 24, 2004
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 863, dated 1/1/1999 , dated 1/01/1999
Revision History: APP History


  1. UCOP Delegation of Authority 0864 (Policy to Permit Use of the University’s Name), dated 5/3/1985;

  2. UCLA Policy 110, Use of the University’s Names, Seals, and Trademarks;

  3. UC Electronic Communications Policy, dated November 17, 2000, Section III, Allowable Use;

  4. UCLA Events Office Guidelines for Motion Picture/Video/Film or Photography of the UCLA Campus.


This policy is intended to clarify under what circumstances Filming and Photography on the UCLA campus and its properties may be allowed, including when a permit is required and whether fees will be assessed. This policy is principally applicable to all UCLA faculty, staff, affiliates and students and to the Photography and Filming services they may utilize.


The following terms shall be used in the context and for the purposes of this Policy only:

Campus Image: a still or moving image of UCLA property that can be readily identified by the public as UCLA property by architecture, landmarks, signage, the presence of prominent individuals, the inclusion of logo clothing or athletic uniforms, or any other means.

Filming: the capturing of moving or still images of UCLA property by any means on any media now known or that may be invented in the future including, but not limited to, film, videotape, digital disk or any electronic transmission to another medium or to the Internet.

Photography: the capturing of still images onto any compatible medium, or posting to the Internet, by any means or devices now known or that may be invented in the future including, but not limited to, film cameras, digital cameras, electronic devices such as personal computers (PC), mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), etc.


Filming and Photography will be permitted on the UCLA campus or property leased by the University in accordance with this Policy and provided that such activity does not interfere with the educational, research and normal program functions or previously scheduled events of the University and does not pose a security or safety risk. Further, the use or re-use of the Filming or Photography output must not be deemed inconsistent with the interests of or in violation of the policies of the University.

Filming and Photography permit fees shall be determined by the Administrative Vice Chancellor, and administered by the Director of the UCLA Events Office (Events Director) according to a set schedule. Additional fees for University services requested or required in connection with Filming or Photography activities, such as police, grounds restoration, traffic control, parking, and any other University services rendered shall also be charged to the user.

A. External Use Filming or Photography

For purposes of this Policy, External Use shall include Filming or Photography on campus for commercial or non-commercial purposes and for which The Regents will not own the copyright to the work created. All External Use Filming and Photography requires a permit. No Campus Images may be used without prior written authorization from the Events Director (see section IV.E. below). Examples of External Use Filming or Photography include:

  • Theatrical release, broadcast or print media;
  • Industrial use (e.g., trade show or intra-company, intra-industry use);
  • Editorial use;
  • Public service announcements;
  • Non-UCLA student filming;
  • Documentary.

1. Permit Requests

All requests for a permit for External Use Filming or Photography should be referred to the Events Director. Information required to apply for a permit includes, but is not limited to, project name/description; specific dates and locations of Filming/Photography; production company name and names of responsible representatives; campus services requirements, such as parking and police assistance. Refer to the Events Office permit application form for more information.

2. Fees

All External Use Filming or Photography events will be charged a permit fee and a location management fee that relates to the length of time of the project and the amount of University supervision ascertained as necessary by the Events Director.

Certain External Use Filming or Photography may be granted a waiver of the permit fee, such as public service announcements. Any request for a waiver of the film permit fee for External Use Filming or Photography, or other non-university related Filming or Photography should be directed to the Administrative Vice Chancellor, or his designee for consideration.

B. Internal Use Filming or Photography

For purposes of this Policy, Internal Use shall include all Filming and/or Photography on campus which is not incidental (see section IV.D below) for non-commercial use by a UC or UCLA person or entity, or contracted for by a UCLA department or unit and for which UCLA exercises artistic, creative control. Examples of Internal Use include:

  • Broadcast or print media primarily for UC or UCLA use

  • UCLA student filming

  • UC or UCLA academic or departmental broadcast, Webcast (e.g., Intercollegiate Athletics)

All Internal Use Filming or Photography requires a permit. Entities on campus that engage in Filming or Photography for Internal Use on a regular basis may qualify for a blanket permit valid for up to one year.

Departments or units that engage the services of non-University staff (e.g., a commercial photographer or film company) for any Internal Use Filming or Photography must ensure that terms governing the use and re-use of any Campus Images are clearly spelled out in the agreement with each contractor (see section IV.E below). Departments should seek to obtain a “work made for hire” copyright agreement pursuant to U.S. copyright law which vests in the University all ownership rights and interest in the work created. 

1. Permit Requests

All requests for a permit for Internal Use Filming and Photography should be directed to the Events Director. Information required to apply for a permit includes, but is not limited to, project name/description; specific dates and locations of Filming/Photography; names of responsible representatives; campus services requirements, such as a location manager from the Events Office.

2. Fees

Internal Use Filming and Photography shall be eligible for waiver of the permit fee on a case-by-case basis, and will be assessed location management, rental or other service fees as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Events Director for the Filming or Photography activity proposed.

C. News Reporting

For purposes of this Policy, News Reporting is live Filming or Photography and transmission (with or without audio recording) as “active” or “breaking” news, by a qualified news reporting service. All requests for News Reporting should be referred to the Office of Media Relations. News organizations must get verbal permission from the Office of Media Relations before News Reporting can commence. Written permits are not required unless special circumstances apply, in which case the decision to require a permit will be made on a case-by-case basis.

No permit or location fees will be charged for News Reporting of UCLA events or activities and no campus Film Location Manager will be required for television news photographers. In most cases, a representative of Media Relations will accompany television news film crews. Any disputes involving News Reporting should be referred to the Director, Media Relations for resolution.

D. Incidental, Non-commercial Filming or Photography

No permit is required for the incidental Filming or Photography by UCLA faculty or staff creating work to be used for non-commercial, educational or administrative purposes provided such incidental Filming or Photography can be done unobtrusively without interrupting campus programs, classes or activities and will not require any special campus services (Location Manager, traffic control, etc.).

In addition, no permit is required for the incidental, unobtrusive non-commercial Filming or Photography by visitors or tourists to the campus. Any such Filming or Photography may not be used for commercial purposes at any time without the express written permission of the Events Office.

E. UCLA Identification and Appropriate Use of Campus Images

No identification of UCLA as the location of External Use Filming or Photography will be permitted, except that which has been approved in advance by the Events Director. The Events Director will refer questions of the suitability of proposals or requests that propose the identification of UCLA to UCLA Trademarks & Licensing, Campus Counsel and/or to the Administrative Vice Chancellor or his designee. The request may be approved when the proposed identification is deemed to be in the University’s interests. Such requests for UCLA identification should clearly specify how the identification will be made and in what subject matter context.

No trademarked icons, widely recognizable landmarks or highly sensitive locations of the University shall be filmed, photographed, or otherwise reproduced for any commercial purposes now or in the future, including, but not limited to, the south facade of Royce Hall, the north facade of Powell Library, the north facade of Kerckhoff Hall, Murphy Hall, the Bruin Bear, Center for the Health Sciences buildings, the Residential Halls and adjacent buildings and the Chancellor’s residence. Portions of these landmarks may be utilized at the discretion of the Events Director. For more information, see UCLA Policy 110, Use of the University’s Names, Seals and Trademarks.

Campus Images are owned by The Regents of the University of California. UCLA faculty and staff who engage in incidental, non-commercial Filming or Photography are expected to ensure that their use or any re-use of such images is appropriate and protective of the intrinsic value of the UCLA name, its visually identifiable campus landmarks and trademarked logos.


UCLA staff and faculty should become familiar with the provisions of this Policy and avail themselves of appropriate departmental and campus resources in all instances of Filming and Photography on campus. The Events Office is ultimately responsible for reviewing all requests for Filming and Photography on campus, for issuing permits and collecting related fees and for enforcement of this Policy.

In general, the following duties are applicable to processing permit requests for both External and Internal Use Filming and Photography, although the specific criteria used to determine whether a permit will be issued for each type of use may vary.

The Events Director will:

  • evaluate all proposals for Filming or Photography on campus, potential logistics problems and if approved, determine the appropriate facility and services usage;
  • be responsible for obtaining the approval of the authority in direct charge of the facility requested prior to issuing any permit for a specific facility;
  • determine the need for assigning an on-site campus Film Location Manager for Filming activities;
  • ensure that proposed Filming or Photography does not include Campus Images; may grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

The Events Office will

  • coordinate the securing of permissions on behalf of the requestor once the request has been approved. Permits shall be granted for specific dates and times so as not to conflict with scheduled campus events or Academic programming;
  • provide all coordination with other campus entities and services as necessary when the permit has been issued.




/s/ Morabito, Sam

Administrative Vice Chancellor