UCLA Policy 880 : Assignment and Management of Campus Space
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Issuing Officer: Acting Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Capital Planning & Finance - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: May 12, 2008
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 880, dated 4/28/1999, dated 4/28/1999
Revision History: APP History


  1. The Regents Standing Order 100.6(a), Duties of the Chancellors;

  2. UCLA DA 881.01 (Allocation and Assignment of Campus Space);

  3. UCLA Procedure 880.1, Requests for Additional Space or Modifications to Existing Space;

  4. UCLA Procedure 880.2, Requests for Leasing Off-Campus Space.


Campus physical facilities, like its personnel, funds, and equipment, are resources that must be managed and maintained in accordance with policy and reasonable use, and in keeping with the University’s mission. Space in campus and off-campus facilities is allocated based on programmatic need and academic priorities as ultimately determined by the Chancellor, and may be reallocated if those needs and priorities change. This policy sets forth space assignment and management responsibilities, describes factors to be considered in the analysis of requests for new space, and specifies certain space inventory reporting requirements.


Ownership of all UCLA facilities, regardless of the original source of construction or acquisition funds and whether on-campus or off-campus, rests with The Regents. In addition, space leased in off-campus facilities for UCLA program purposes is leased in the name of The Regents. The allocation or assignment of space in campus or off-campus facilities of The Regents does not constitute, and is not to be inferred as a transfer of, ownership to such space.

Department and unit heads are responsible for ensuring that their departments or units occupying campus or off-campus facilities comply with all applicable law and University and campus policies and procedures relating to the occupancy of such space.

A. Responsibility for Assignment or Allocation of Space

Responsibility for the assignment or allocation of space, whether on-campus, off-campus or leased, rests with the Chancellor. The Chancellor has redelegated this authority on a day-to-day basis to the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost, who has overall responsibility for the assignment or allocation of space to support instruction and research, organized research that falls within a School or the College, academic support, academic and general administration, student affairs, external affairs, the hospitals and libraries. Authority over such space may be assigned to the vice chancellors and deans (campus officers), as appropriate, who may further redelegate this authority to heads of the units reporting to them.

In order to maintain flexibility in the allocation of space and to be able to respond to change, the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost or Chancellor may reassign space previously allocated to a campus officer or unit head.

Proposed reassignments of space between campus officers require review by the Vice Chancellor, Finance, Budget & Capital Programs and the approval of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost or Chancellor. Reassignments from one unit to another unit reporting to the same campus officer do not require approval, but must be reported to Space Inventory Services in Facilities Management.

B. Responsibility for Management of Space and Resolution of Space Issues

Campus officers and unit heads who have been delegated authority over space assigned to them are responsible for effective and efficient management of that space. Specific responsibilities for the management of space include: the assignment of space; the resolution of space issues; verification that space is being used for the purpose specified; and prompt reporting of changes in assignment, use, or configuration of space through the Space Inventory process.

C. Reporting Space Changes

To meet University requirements for maintaining accurate space inventory records, including room-type categories and utilization, all reassignments of space or changes in function must be reported to the Space Inventory Services unit, which provides staff assistance for this function.

Campus officers who have been delegated authority over space assigned to them will identify staff to coordinate with Space Inventory Services in reporting changes, verifying the accuracy of data, and assisting with periodic on-site surveys of rooms and buildings.

D. Planning for the Use of Space

Space needs should be considered in strategic planning and resource allocation for new programs and changes to existing programs. Requests for new space are reviewed by the Capital Planning staff of Capital Programs or the Real Estate staff of Campus Service Enterprises as appropriate, and approved by the Chancellor. Technical assistance in the evaluation of space needs is provided by Capital Programs and Space Management & Analysis.

Space needs are analyzed in the context of the following criteria:

  • Campus-wide priorities, applicable long range space plans, and the UCLA Long Range Development Plan;
  • Program type (for example, instructional or non-instructional);
  • Type of space required (for example, office, storage, or laboratory);
  • Whether the space need is temporary or permanent;
  • Fund source to modify and maintain the space; 
  • Adjacency factors and the need for contiguous space, support facilities, and access to campus operations.

Final resolution of requests for new space may be in the form of reassignment, exchange, or improvement of existing space, the development of new space, or the acquisition of off-campus leased space.

Approval of additional space assignment does not guarantee that the renovation funds will be provided. Facility and space alteration must be integrated with other resource planning. In addition, space planning decisions may involve complicated move sequences, construction and remodeling, and scheduling limitations to minimize programmatic disruption. It is essential for space projects to be planned as far in advance as possible.

Detailed procedures for requesting additions or modifications to space or off-campus leased space are contained in the  UCLA Procedure 880.1 and UCLA Procedure 880.2, respectively.




/s/ Olsen, Steven

Acting Administrative Vice Chancellor