UCLA Procedure 880.1 : Requests for Additional Space or Modifications to Existing Space
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Issuing Officer: Acting Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Capital Planning & Finance - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: May 12, 2008
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 880.1, dated 4/28/1999 , dated 4/28/1999
Revision History: APP History


  1. UCLA Policy 880, Assignment and Management of Campus Space;

  2. UCLA Procedure 880.2, Requests for Leasing Off-Campus Space. 


UCLA Policy 880 sets forth responsibilities for campus space assignment and management, describes factors to be considered in the analysis of new space requests, and specifies certain space inventory reporting requirements. This procedure addresses requests for additional campus space or modifications to existing space.




Department, School, or Unit Head (Requestor)

Prepares initial space request for review and approval by Campus Officer to whom authority has been delegated for assignment of space.

Space request should contain the following:

  • Justification in terms of goals, objectives, or new program plans;

  • Description of space requirements (number of rooms and square feet);

  • Description of usage (e.g., instructional, office);

  • Evaluation of alternatives for space explored within requestor’s area; and

  • Impact on programs or activities of inability to obtain additional space.

Campus Officer

Reviews request and may engage the technical assistance of Capital Programs and Space Management & Analysis for analysis of space needs.

If request is approved, may assign new space or reassign existing space under Campus Officer’s jurisdiction to subordinate units or delegate this responsibility to unit heads. Any space changes are to be reported to the Space Inventory Services in Facilities Management. Space Inventory Services provides staff assistance for this function.


Determines that a reassignment of space from another jurisdiction is required. May engage the technical assistance of Capital Programs and Space Management & Analysis for analysis of space needs.

Submits proposal for reassignment of space from another jurisdiction to the Vice Chancellor, Finance, Budget & Capital Programs.

Vice Chancellor, Finance, Budget & Capital Programs

Reviews proprosal and if approved, confers with the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost or Chancellor for his approval.

If reassignment of space is recommended, the Vice Chancellor’s staff assists in coordinating the process between affected Campus Officers.


If capital improvement is recommended, requests that Capital Programs or Facilities Management, as appropriate, assist Campus Officers in facilitating necessary changes.


If leasing off-campus space is recommended, forwards proposal to the Real Estate Department to facilitate a lease request (refer to UCLA Procedure 880.2).








/s/ Olsen, Steven

Acting Administrative Vice Chancellor