UCLA Procedure 880.2 : Requests for Off-Campus Real Property Leasing
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Issuing Officer: Administrative Vice Chancellor
Responsible Office: Real Estate Office - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: January 1, 1999
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 880.2, dated 1/1/1999, dated 5/01/1979
Revision History: APP History


  1. UCLA Policy 880, Assignment and Management of Campus Space;

  2. UCLA Procedure 880.1, Requests for Additional Space or Modifications to Existing Space;

  3. University of California Lease Administration Manual;

  4. UC DA 2140 (Negotiation, Approval and Execution of University Related Real Property Rental Agreements (Leases)), to Chancellors, dated 11/3/2003. [Superseded by UC DA 2231 on 9/9/2009] 


UCLA Policy 880 sets forth responsibilities for assignment and management of campus space, describes factors to be considered in the analysis of new space requests, and specifies certain space inventory reporting requirements. This procedure addresses the acquisition off-campus leased space.


The Real Estate Department is responsible for the review and analysis of all requests for off-campus leased space. Circumstances under which departments may seek an off-campus space lease include:

  • Suitable campus space is not available;

  • Program type is non instructional (excepting UCLA Extension);

  • Length of need is temporary (e.g., ten years or less);

  • Fund source is extramural;

  • Interaction factors are minimal with little need for contiguous space, campus support facilities, or access to campus operations.

In the event that these circumstances are not present or, for other reasons, in the opinion of the Real Estate Department alternatives to an off-campus lease should be explored, the requestor shall be referred to Capital Programs and Space Management & Analysis.




Department, School, or Unit Head (Requestor)

Completes Department Authorization for Leased Space form containing basic requirements and both program and funding authorizations and submits to Real Estate Department.

Real Estate Department

Reviews Authorization form for completeness and may request additional information from Requestor as needed.

If Authorization form is complete with appropriate signatures to commit program and funds, initiates search and analysis of lease options.

Engages third-party real estate brokers or other professionals as needed to identify target properties.

Prepares Letters of Intent (proposals) in consultation with Requestor and submits to landlords or building owners of target properties.

Distributes information on basic lease terms to senior campus officials via monthly Real Estate/Pending Lease report.

Following execution of Letter of Intent, prepares lease in consultation with Requestor and in accordance with UC Lease Administration Manual.

Coordinates all physical due diligence on target property in accordance with UC policies.

Signs lease or obtains appropriate signature on lease in accordance with UC Lease Administration Manual.

Distributes executed lease to Requestor, Office of the President, Landlord, and retains a copy of the lease in Real Estate Department files.

Performs or coordinates design and construction of improvements to space as needed in consultation with Requestor, in accordance with UC policies

Provides information to Requestor on physical move issues including telecommunications, information technology, equipment purchases, and moving services.

Provides basic lease and space information to Facilities Management and tracks lease in Real Estate Lease database.

Administers lease and approves all requests for payments of rent or other costs pursuant to the lease. Enforces rights and obligations of the University as contained in the lease. Prepares check requests or establishes rent to be paid automatically and forwards to accounting.

Maintains all current and inactive lease files according to UC Records Management policies.

Accounting Department

Verifies that check requests or approved invoices are in conformance with executed lease, and prepares and mails rental payment checks.


A. Department Authorization for Leased Space form




/s/ Morabito, Sam

Administrative Vice Chancellor