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UCLA Procedure  112.1: Requests to Name a Campus Facility in Honor of an Individual

ISSUING OFFICER:  Administrative Vice Chancellor


RESPONSIBLE OFFICE:  Administrative Vice Chancellor's Office  - Look Up Contact Person


EFFECTIVE DATE:  July 1, 1998

SUPERSEDES:  UCLA Policy 830.1, Dated 9/1/1980  


  1. Letter to the Chancellors from President Atkinson, dated December 19, 2002 re: revised policy and guidelines for Naming University Properties

  2. UCLA Policy 112, Naming of University Facilities and Organizational Units for Individuals.


The University receives many requests from many sources to name University buildings, portions of buildings, streets, gardens, courts, research units, schools, colleges, clinics, foundations and collections in honor of individuals. The President of the University has full authority to name University properties, programs, and facilities. The President has delegated partial authority to the Chancellor to name minor University facilities, as set forth in UCLA Policy 112, and single campus programs within his jurisdiction after consideration of each proposal on its own merits. Some proposals are suggested in recognition of very significant gifts. Others are suggested in honor of individuals with no gift involved based on the criteria listed in UCLA Policy 112.


All proposals for the naming of a UCLA facility or organizational unit shall be submitted to the Chancellor's Executive Committee for their recommendation. 


Requestor Sends proposal to the Chancellor.
Chancellor If proposal is appropriate under existing policy, submits request to Chancellor’s Executive Committee for comments.
Chancellor's Executive Committee Reviews proposal and makes recommendations to Chancellor.
Chancellor Forwards proposal to President in the form of a Presidential Action Item, as per procedures outlined in Vice President Baker's letter to the Chancellors (see I.1) or acts on the proposal as appropriate in accordance with UCLA Policy 112.
When final decision is made, notifies honoree or appropriate family member, campus departments, and requestor.


A. Naming of University Properties, Programs, and Facilities Sample Proposal Format




 /s/ Peter W. Blackman



 Administrative Vice Chancellor





Questions should be directed to the Contact for the Responsible Office identified at the top of this procedure.

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