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UCLA Procedure 310.0 : Attachment C

Procedures for Outgoing Mail

Procedures for Outgoing Mail

All outgoing mail, including campus, U.S. and International, sent through UCLA Mail Services must follow the procedures below.




Mail Services Client

Addresses envelope with complete destination and return address (for all mail), and department identification and special services (for mail going off campus) per Attachment D:

  • Campus Mail
  • U.S. Mail
  • International Mail

Note:  The USPS recommends that for letter mail, type or print envelope clearly with a pen or permanent marker so the address is legible from an arm’s length away.  Do not use commas or periods.  Typewritten mail can be read faster and with greater accuracy than handwritten mail.

As a precaution, the USPS recommends that for International Mail, senders should place a card showing the name and address of the sender and addressee inside the parcel.

Separates mail by UCLA (Campus Mail), U.S. domestic to be metered, international to be metered, mail with stamps affixed and secures with rubber bands.  All addresses facing one way.  Places sealed envelopes or packages at regular pick-up location or brings them to UCLA Mail Services, see attachment A for Mail Services locations and hours.

Weight:  If mail exceeds 25 lbs., contact UCLA Messenger Service for special handling arrangements, see UCLA Procedure 310.5.

Ineligible materials:  Boxes weighing more than 70 lbs are not eligible for mail service.  These items are accepted by UCLA Receiving for private carriershipping.

Monitors U.S. and International Mail to ensure that it pertains to University business.

Places Recharge ID underneath the return address for chargeback. For high volume may wrap mail with coversheet indicating Recharge ID for the stack (rubberband to secure).

Mail Services

Collects mail that meets campus or USPS guidelines, performs necessary sorting and processing routines, and delivers it to:

  • Campus departments—Campus Mail;
  • U.S. Postal Service—U.S. domestic and International Mail.

For U.S. Mail, if registered return receipt, or certified mail, returns receipt to department only if requested.  For International Mail, this may depend on whether receiving country provides this service.

Returns mail to department when Recharge ID  is invalid, restricted or missing, or when return address is not an official University department and/or address (e.g., personal mail).

Accumulates charges for production work performed, meter charges, permit charges and stamp sales. When available, provides documentation for charges when requested.

Charges departments according to approved recharge rates and bills them at month end.  Detail is provided on department Web site. Statements are sent out to sundry debtor accounts.

Mail Services Client

Consults with UCLA Mail Services regarding:

Question/information:  Service, losses, claims, rates, fees, classification, schedules, regulations, USPS rates, international customs, wrapping, etc.

Changes: Designated location of stop, contact informatioand/or account numbers are modified.