UCLA Policy 310 : UCLA Mail and Bulk Mail Services
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Issuing Officer: Interim Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer
Responsible Office: Mail, Document & Distribution Services - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: November 15, 2022
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 310, dated 4/01/2019
Revision History: APP History


Mail, Document & Distribution Services operates UCLA Mail Services (Mail Services) and UCLA Bulk Mail Services (Bulk Mail Services) in support of UCLA’s research, teaching, and public service mission. UCLA Mail and Bulk Mail Services are to be used only for official University business. UCLA Mail and Bulk Mail Services provide delivery, collection, and processing of all UCLA mail including:

  • Receiving and delivering incoming domestic and foreign mail;
  • Processing outgoing domestic and foreign mail in accordance with regulations included in the U.S. Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) and the U.S. Postal Service International Mail Manual (IMM);
  • Delivering internal mail on-campus and to associated off-campus locations in accordance with U.S. Postal Service Private Express Statutes and regulations applicable to UCLA;
  • Regulating of postage meter machines and postal permit usages in accordance with U.S. Postal Service regulations, and postage (e.g., stamp purchases); and
  • Protecting UCLA’s authorization to mail at Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail prices, a privilege granted by law only to authorized organizations (USPS Publication 417).

The purpose of this Policy is to summarize the appropriate use of UCLA Mail and Bulk Mail Services and outline the process to request an exception to Policy.


A. Use of UCLA Mail Services

UCLA Mail Services is exclusively for official University business and use must be in accordance with this Policy. Fees may be charged in order to provide mail services to the campus. See Attachment A for Mail Services Locations and Hours of Operation.

The following individuals and organizations (hereafter referred to as “Mail Services Client”) are permitted use of Mail Services subject to Federal Private Express statutes and regulations:

  • Faculty, staff, and students for official purposes related to the business of UCLA;
  • Academic and staff employee associations/advisory groups;
  • Registered Campus Organizations;
  • Support Groups;
  • Alumni Association and affiliated alumni groups;
  • Campus Foundation; and
  • Individuals and organizations that received prior approval from the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee, Director of Mail, Document & Distribution Services.

Note: Groups, organizations, and foundations must be officially registered/recognized per University policies.

Mail Services are reserved for official University business only. Personal mail, personal bills, and personal e-commerce (e.g., personal online purchases) are not considered official business, and may neither be received in campus departments nor sent out at UCLA expense.

As defined in the U.S. Postal Service DMM and the IMM, hazardous materials may not be sent through Mail Services.

B. Regulation of Postage Meter Machines

All Mail Services should be centralized to allow UCLA to maximize volume-based postal discounts, minimize the rental of postage meters and mail processing equipment, establish proper controls, and ensure that postage is applied according to U.S. Postal Service (USPS) regulations.

  • Postal meters will be installed only at the Mail Services unit to assure maintenance and auditable records of meter usage, and to comply with USPS regulations governing UCLA’s postage metering privileges.
  • The installation and use of USPS meter machines by a Mail Services Client, that utilize the UCLA FAU system for expenses, is not permitted except with prior written approval by the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee, Director of MDDS.

Such requests for approval will be considered only in situations when use of the Mail Services meter is physically impractical, such as remote off-campus locations not serviced by Mail Services or due to extraordinary circumstances as determined by UCLA Mail Services. See Attachment B for more information.

C. Regulation of Postage (including Stamps, Metered Postage, Express Mail, etc.)

Mail Services will maintain an inventory (i.e. stamps), which a Mail Services Client may purchase to meet special mailing needs. A Mail Services Client may retain such an inventory only for urgent mailings and must maintain auditable records of usage. A sample Monthly Stamp Inventory form that may be used for department use is available at www.mdds.ucla.edu.

  • Postage must be purchased through Mail Services via recharge ID or sundry debtor account. Stamps should be used by Mail Services Clients only for occasional urgent mailings and after the Mail Services unit is closed. Mail Services operating hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. excluding University holidays.
  • The purchase of postage (stamps, metered postage, metered strips, or special services such as Express, Certified, or Registered mail) directly from the USPS or any entity selling USPS postage by a Mail Services Client, that utilize the UCLA FAU system for expenses, is not permitted except with prior written approval by the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee, Director of MDDS. This should occur only under extraordinary circumstances as determined by UCLA Mail Services. See Attachment B for more information.

D.  Regulation of Postal Permit Usage

Bulk Mail Services is responsible for maintaining documentation of all permit usage for outbound mail and will maintain centralized permits for the campus to ensure compliance with USPS regulations governing UCLA’s postage privileges.

  • Permit postage for all UCLA mailings, including off-campus mail house mailings, must be obtained through Bulk Mail Services utilizing a “Bulk Mail Service Request” (BMSR) form available from Bulk Mail Services. Bulk mail permit preparation fees will apply. Complete samples of each mailing must be submitted with the BMSR form to ensure adherence to USPS permit policy. Use of a non-university permit (mail house permit) is not allowed as UCLA must ensure proper permit usage and adherence to postal policy to maintain its non-profit status and business status with the USPS.
  • The international portion of bulk mail postage will be processed through Mail Services to ensure University postage accountability. Mail houses (off-campus agencies) must return the international portion of UCLA business mailings to Mail Services for the application of international postage.
  • Maintenance of postal permits by a Mail Services Client is not permitted except with prior written approval by the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee, Director of MDDS. This should occur only under extraordinary circumstances. See Attachment B for more information.
  • Bulk Mail Services will maintain a current list of units authorized to utilize non-profit status. Departments will annually provide current department contact information to Bulk Mail Services so that the use of UCLA’s non-profit permit may be reviewed, proper use of non-profit status is deemed appropriate, and adherence to USPS non-profit status requirements are followed.
  • Business reply mail permits are maintained by Mail Services. Business reply mail is returned to departments after postal statement reconciliation. Departments should consult with the Document Services division of MDDS to ensure accurate artwork. The USPS will assess additional fees for non-regulatory artwork. These additional fees will be recharged to originating departments.
  • Postage due permits are maintained by Mail Services. Postage due mail is returned to departments after postal statement reconciliation so that departments may update their mailing lists.

E.  Services (Chargeable)

Mail Services and Bulk Mail Services rates are set to recover all operating costs and are reviewed and approved per UCLA Policy 340: Sales and Service Activities. Charges for services rendered are processed monthly.

1.  Outgoing U.S. Mail

All Mail Services Clients are charged for the total amount of postage on outgoing U.S. mail, international mail, business reply permit mail, and postage due permit mail, plus a surcharge for handling. All outgoing mail sent through UCLA Mail Services must contain an official UCLA return address. See Attachment C: Procedures for Outgoing Mail and Attachment D: Examples of Addressing Mail.

2.  Bulk Mail Preparation Services

The following services are available: mailing list preparation and/or cleansing; bulk mail permit preparation; and the capability to address, stuff, fold, collate, insert, and sort. Mail Services Clients desiring bulk mail preparation services should contact Bulk Mail Services. Mail houses are contracted by Bulk Mail Services when deemed necessary.

3.  Messenger Service

The Messenger Service unit provides messenger services, such as the pick-up and delivery of urgent documents and materials, from both on- and off-campus locations. Mail Services Clients will be charged for services rendered. For more information, see UCLA Procedure 310.5: UCLA Messenger Service.

4.  Postage

Postage (i.e., stamps, Express Mail, handling of special service mail, etc.) are provided with a surcharge added. Mail Services Clients that utilize the UCLA FAU system for expenses are required to purchase postage from Mail Services (see Section II.C). Shipping and mailing supplies (i.e., USPS flat rate envelopes and boxes, forms, etc.) are stocked centrally at Mail Services and are available to Mail Services Clients at no charge.

5.  Sealing U.S. Mail

For the convenience of departments, UCLA Mail Services will seal U.S. Mail letter envelopes if they are sorted by size (up to 1/4” thick with envelope flaps out, nested one on top of the other) and secured with rubber bands.  Delays will result if envelopes are not nested properly.  Mail Services Clients must seal all U.S. Mail non-letter size and Campus Mail envelopes.

F.   Incoming Mail

1.  Incoming U.S. Mail

Distribution and delivery of mail once per day for campus departments is provided at no charge to most 19900-funded campus departments. Self-supporting entities, as defined by the annual Eligible Rechargeable Entity List provided by UCLA Academic, Planning & Budget, and other sundry debtors identified by MDDS, pay for incoming mail service via direct recharge in the form of a combined mail piece charge (based on mail counts) and monthly mail stop charge. All departments requesting additional mail stops will be recharged a monthly fee.

2.  Misdirected Incoming U.S. Mail

Mail Services forwards departments’ misdirected mail and traces improperly or insufficiently addressed mail. Campus departments should maintain addresses for transferred employees or employees no longer employed by UCLA and forward their mail through Mail Services.

G. Use of University ZIP+4 Codes and Campus Mail Codes

In order to expedite mail delivery, Mail Services uses a sorting system that requires ZIP+4 codes and campus mail codes.

1.  ZIP + 4 Codes

Mail Services assigns ZIP+4 codes to Mail Services Clients that have a mail stop. ZIP+4 codes should be used in the return address of all UCLA mail.

2.  Campus Mail Codes

Mail Services assigns campus mail codes to Mail Services Clients. The six-digit campus mail code is unique to a campus department and should be used on all internal campus mail. Campus mail codes consist of a four-digit code assigned to a department (ZIP+4) and a two-digit mail route number. Four-digit department mail codes are uniquely assigned and permanent. Two-digit routing numbers may change if operationally necessary.


  1. UCLA Policy 340, Sales and Services;
  2. UCLA Policy 311, Access to and Use of University Mailing Lists;
  3. UCLA Procedure 310.5, Messenger Service.





/s/ Baird-James, Allison

Interim Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer