UCLA Procedure 160.2 : Student Death Response and Reporting
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Issuing Officer: Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs
Responsible Office: Dean of Students Office - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: August 23, 2019
Supersedes: UCLA Procedure 160.2, dated 7/02/1998
Revision History: APP History


In accordance with UCLA Policy 160, Faculty, Staff, and Student Death Response, this Procedure sets forth the reporting and notification requirements in the event of the death of a UCLA Student. The University’s response to a Student death is overseen by the Dean of Students as designated by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

A Student death may set in motion a range of responses by campus police, medical professionals and others depending on the circumstances and cause of the death. This Procedure is not intended to specify the response of campus police, health care professionals or other campus emergency response personnel in carrying out their responsibilities, but only sets forth the notifications that should occur subsequent to or in connection with such responses.

This Procedure addresses the need for predetermined strategies to effectively and sensitively respond to campus deaths. Planning and implementation of these efforts rely heavily on a collaborative approach that uses the skills and resources of administrators, practitioners and the greater campus community.


For the purposes of this Policy:

Student means an individual for whom the University maintains student records, and who:

  1. is enrolled in or registered with an academic program of the University;
  2. has completed the immediately preceding term and is eligible for re-enrollment, including the recess periods between academic terms; or
  3. is on an approved educational leave or other approved leave status, including under suspension, or is on filing-fee status (https://grad.ucla.edu/academics/graduate-study/filing-fee-application/).


A. Report a Student Death

Any University personnel receiving information about a Student death must notify the Dean of Students immediately (dean@saonet.ucla.edu; office 310-825-3895). The Dean of Students or designee will ascertain the information needed to coordinate a comprehensive response for all those impacted (internal and external stakeholders). 

The information may include the following:

  • Verification that the deceased individual was a UCLA Student
  • Emergency contact information
  • Place of residence (university owned property or private  residence)
  • Campus affiliations (including Athletics, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Groups)
  • Field of study or degree program
  • Year in school 
  • Degree aspirations 
  • History of medical treatment by UCLA providers (including Counseling and Psychological Services and Arthur Ashe Health and Wellness Center)
  • Consultation and Response Team’s possible knowledge of Student 
  • Residency status

B. Campus Response

The Dean of Students or designee will coordinate the following:

  •  Inform the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost, Vice Chancellors, Academic Dean, Vice Provost for Graduate or Undergraduate Education, UCLA Strategic Communications, UCLA Police Department, the Consultation and Response Team, and Campus Counsel and provide them with the name of the Student, nature of the death, and other pertinent information.
  •  Identify the most appropriate person to inform the next of kin or others. 
    -  Ordinarily, initial notification will be performed in person by specially trained personnel at UCPD or the                 Medical  Center. If the next of kin reside in another police jurisdiction, UCPD will notify the local police     department who will notify the next of kin.
  • Notify as soon as possible, the appropriate UCLA personnel who will inform others close to the deceased, such as spouse, roommates and classmates.  
  • Assist, support, and protect survivors and/or other victims, as applicable, and determine which offices will be responsible for these steps.
  •  Assess any special circumstances that may adversely impact the campus community.
  •  In collaboration with Media Relations and UCPD, coordinate the response to media requests.               

            -  Any media inquiries regarding a Student death are refereed to Media Relations

            -  Other inquiries are referred to the Dean of Students

  •  Provide the Chancellor’s Office with the appropriate information to send a letter of condolence on behalf of UCLA to the next of kin or other appropriate person(s) within a reasonable period of time. As appropriate, coordinate meeting or call with the next of kin and Chancellor. In accordance with UCLA Procedure 115.1, the Chancellor’s Office staff may direct the lowering of the University flag to half-mast.
  • If Student resided in University Housing, coordinate with Residential Life to secure the Student’s personal effects until transfer arrangements are made, and provide emergency housing for roommates as needed. If Student resided in off-campus housing in the local community, coordinate with property manager to secure Student’s personal effects until transfer arrangements are made.

C. Official Campus Notification

The Dean of Students or designee will email the official campus notification (see sample notification email, attachment A) of the Student’s death to the offices below. As applicable, notified offices will proceed with necessary administrative processes to close Student records.

Academic and administrative units must not inform offices or individuals prior to the official campus notification.

1.  Standard University Communication

     Administrative Vice Chancellor

     Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center

     ASUCLA Human Resources

     Campus Counsel

     Chancellor’s Office

     Counseling and Psychological Services

     Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost

     External Affairs, Vice Chancellor

     Financial Aid Office

     Insurance and Risk Management

     Library Support Services

     Media Relations

     Parent & Family Programs

     Registrar’s Office

     Student Loan Services

     Student Affairs Information & Leadership Team

     Student Accounting


     UCLA Recreation

     UCLA PD

     Undergraduate Admission

     UCLA Strategic Communications

     Vice Chancellor Student Affairs

2.  Additional Communication Where Appropriate

     Academic Advancement Program

     Center for Accessible Education

     College Honors

     Daily Bruin

     Dashew Center

     Fraternity & Sorority Life

     Graduate Student Associations

     Housing Administration

     Intercollegiate Athletics

     International Education Office, Director

     Office of Parent Philanthropy

     Office of Student Conduct

     Residential Life

     Summer Sessions, Assistant Vice Provost

     Student’s On-Campus Employer

     Technology Development Group

     Undergraduate Students Association Council

If Undergraduate Student:

  • Vice Provost and Dean of the Undergraduate Education
  • Dean of  the School student was enrolled
  • Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Academic Support

If Graduate/Professional Student:

  •  Professional School or College Divisional Dean
  •  Department or Interdepartmental Degree Program Chair
  • Vice Provost for Graduate Education & Dean, Graduate Division
  •  Graduate Division Assistant Dean, Fellowships & Financial Services
  • Graduate Division Assistant Dean, Academic Services
  • Department Chair


  1. UCLA Policy 160, Faculty, Staff, or Student Death Response and Reporting;
  2. UCLA Procedure 160.1, Employee Death Reporting.





/s/ Gorden, Monroe

Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs