UCLA Policy 311 : Access to and Use of University Mailing Lists
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Issuing Officer: Interim Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer
Responsible Office: Mail, Document & Distribution Services - Look Up Contact Person
Effective Date: November 15, 2022
Supersedes: UCLA Policy 311 , dated 7/01/1998
Revision History: APP History


UCLA can create various Mailing Lists to prepare, process, and distribute mailings as part of its institutional need to communicate efficiently with employees, students, and others on University business.

The purpose of this Policy is to establish rules of access to and use of University Mailing Lists for UCLA Units, University Support Groups, Affiliated Organizations, and the public. For Bruin Post messaging, see UCLA Policy 316 and for Emergency Notifications (Bruin Alerts) see UCLA Policy 130.


For the purposes of this Policy:

Affiliated Organization is an organization that is officially recognized by UCLA, whose active membership is limited to UCLA students and/or personnel, which has the sponsorship of a university unit, or is a registered campus organization with Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE).

Mailing List is any compilation of names and addresses, including email addresses.

UCLA Unit refers to an officially recognized UCLA department or division (both academic and non-academic) as well as other official UCLA entities, including schools, centers, laboratories, institutes, the UCLA Academic Senate and UCLA Extension.

University Support Group is any group, organization, foundation, or association other than a campus alumni association or campus foundation: (i) whose primary purpose is to provide assistance through fundraising, public outreach, and other activities in support of the University’s mission; or (ii) whose representatives or activities make the entity indistinguishable from the University itself; or (iii) that acts as an agent of or intermediary for the university.


A.  Mailing List Requests by UCLA Units, University Support Groups, and Affiliated Organizations

UCLA Units, Support Groups, and Affiliated Organizations can create their own employee campus Mailing Lists from their own customer information that they have gathered or they may request that Mail, Document & Distribution Services (MDDS) create employee campus Mailing Lists for various purposes associated with their university activities, including promotional and marketing purposes and in accordance with use agreements. For email Mailing Lists, see UCLA Policy 316: BruinPost Messaging Service. MDDS will not release Mailing Lists, they will prepare and process campus mailings using employee data derived from campus databases. These campus databases contain personally-identifying information which must be protected and may not be disclosed in the course of Mailing List creation.

For student lists, see the UCLA Registrar’s Office Student Data Access Policy.

B.  Public Use

Mailing Lists created or maintained by the University will not be released to the public, including student lists. The public may obtain information about specific students as allowed by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and specific employees by using the Campus Directory.

1.  UCLA Employee Lists

a.  Without releasing Mailing Lists, UCLA may accommodate a public request for a special mailing to specified UCLA employees at their UCLA addresses if in the judgment of the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, the mailing would be beneficial to the University or to the persons on the lists and consistent with the basic purposes of the University, and would not be in violation of University policies. In such cases, and for reimbursement at its established rate, MDDS will receive the material to be mailed and process the mailing.

b.  Employee Mailing Lists will not be distributed, sold, or rented for commercial purposes unless such action is specifically authorized by law.

2. Lists of Persons Not Employees or Students

Names and addresses of persons who are not University employees or students may not be distributed for commercial purposes, sold, or rented by UCLA or its Support Groups and Affiliated Organizations. Upon approval of the Vice Chancellor and CFO, names and addresses of persons not University employees or students may be distributed to or exchanged with other agencies for educational purposes only.

C.  Removal of Names

An individual may request, in writing to be removed from certain mailings unless the mailing is used by the University solely for necessary direct contact with the individual. Requests to remove individual names and addresses must go to the Unit, Support Group, or Affiliated Organization that is sending the mailing.

For removal of student names, see the UCLA Registrar’s Office Student Data Access Policy.


  1. UCLA Policy 220, Disclosure of Information from Student Records;
  2. UCLA Policy 603, Privacy of and Access to Information (Legal Requirements);
  3. UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations, and Use of Properties;
  4. UCLA Policy 316, BruinPost Messaging Service;
  5. UCLA Policy 130, Emergency Notifications (BruinAlert);
  6. UCLA Registrar's Office, Student Data Access Policy.




/s/ Baird-James, Allison

Interim Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer