APP Historical Revisions

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This is a list of APP updates in chronological order, beginning with the most recent update. This list can be sorted by APP number. Subscribe here to receive email notifications whenever there is a new or change to an APP.

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11/30/2020 Pol 811 Environment, Health, and Safety . This policy underwent substantial revisions. A few of the major revisions include: • Added language to solidify EH&S’ authority to establish safety criteria • Expanded EH&S responsibilities in the context of investigatory proceedings • Included responsibility of EH&S Assistant Vice Chancellor or designee to address egregious unsafe acts or conditions, and/or imminent danger to life or health • Updated EH&S Programs responsibilities to reflect current state and structure
9/05/2007 Pol 811 Environment, Health, and Safety . This revised policy restates the University's policy to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in order to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment. The references have been updated and expanded, and most of them moved to an attachment to the policy.
7/01/1998 Pol 811 Environment, Health, and Safety . Revised policy identifies campus officers and their responsibilities for ensuring adherence to EH&S policy and various compliance programs in place on campus. This policy supersedes UCLA Policy 1105, dated July 1, 1990.