APP Process

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Developing, Updating, and Evaluating Administrative Policies and Procedures
The process to develop, update, and evaluate an APP is set forth in UCLA Policy 100, Administrative Policies and Procedures. Below is an overview of the policy process and tools to assist with this development. For assistance, contact the Manager, Administrative Policies.

Policy Process Overview
The department or unit wishing to develop an APP will designate a Responsible Policy Official to coordinate the policy process with the Manager, Administrative Policies. The following illustration provides an overview of the key responsibilities of the Responsible Policy Official.


Policy Template
To ensure consistency in format, all APPs will be prepared using the APP Template. Contact the Manager, Administrative Policies for a copy of the template.

Guide to Writing Policy
Plain language is a writing style that is clear, concise, and ensures that readers understand what they read the first time they read it. Plain language techniques are to be used in writing APPs. The links below are to assist in understanding plain language techniques.

Evaluating the Policy
Departments/Units should review their APPs at least every five years. Upon request the Manager, Administrative Policies, will provide a copy of the Policy Review Form and if the APP has not been reviewed during the previous five years, the Manager, Administrative Policies, will send the dept/unit a Policy Review Form. For more information on evaluating an APP, see UCLA Policy 100 .