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Research & Academic Affairs (900s) - Active APPs

Type APP Title
Policy 900 Principal Investigator Eligibility
Policy 905 Research Laboratory Personal Safety and Protective Equipment
Policy 906 Undergraduate Researcher Laboratory Safety
Policy 907 Safe Handling of Particularly Hazardous Substances
Policy 909 Requirement to Submit Proposals and to Receive Awards for Grants and Contracts through the University
Policy 910 Management of Sponsored Projects
Procedure 910.1 Approval and Submission of Contract and Grant Proposals
Procedure 910.2 Notification and Prior Approval Requirements for Grants Under the Federal Demonstration Project (FDP)
Policy 913 Disposition of Unexpended Balances in Fixed Rate and Fixed Price Contracts and Nonrefundable Grants
Policy 915 Clinical Studies Coverage Analysis
Procedure 915.1 Interim Procedure on Pricing for Budgeting and Contracting of Clinical Studies
Policy 916 Clinical Trial Protocol Review and Approval by an Independent Scientific Review Committee
Policy 917 Good Clinical Practice Training and Certification
Policy 920 Expenditure or Commitment of Funds Against Contracts and Grants Prior to Receipt of An Executed Award
Policy 921 Accepting Support for Research from Nongovernmental Organizations
Policy 925 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research
Procedure 925.1 Disclosing Financial Interests in Non-Governmental Donors of Gifts
Procedure 925.2 Disclosing Financial Interests in Non-Governmental Sponsors of Contracts, Grants, and Material Transfer Agreements for Research
Procedure 925.3 Disclosing Financial Interests Related to Federally Sponsored Research Projects (except Public Health Service and Department of Energy)
Policy 926 Public Health Service Regulations on Objectivity in Research
Policy 927 Interim Policy - Conflicts of Interest in Department of Energy Funded Projects
Policy 955 Net Royalty Distribution of Non-Patented Intellectual Property
Procedure 955.1 Release of Patent Rights to Inventors
Procedure 955.2 Distribution of the University's General Pool and Research Share Portions of Net Royalties
Policy 956 IP Revenue Sharing with Not for Profit Nongovernmental Organizations
Policy 965 Ownership of Creative Work Submitted by Students
Policy 970 Affiliation Agreements
Policy 980 International Academic Agreements
Policy 990 Use of Animals in Research, Teaching, and Testing
Policy 991 Protection of Human Subjects in Research
Policy 992 Use of Biohazardous Materials and Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules in Research and Teaching Activities
Policy 993 Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct
Policy 994 Radiation Safety
Procedure 994.1 Radiation-Producing Equipment
Procedure 994.2 Volunteers and Visitors in Non-Clinical Radiation Use Areas
Policy 995 Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC)
Policy 996 Chemical and Physical Research Safety