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General Administration (100s) - Active APPs

Type APP Title
Policy 100 Administrative Policies & Procedures
Policy 106 Visiting Dignitaries
Policy 110 Use of the University's Names, Seals, and UCLA Trademarks
Policy 112 Naming of UCLA Physical Spaces and Academic and Non-Academic Programs
Procedure 112.1 Requests to Name a Campus Facility in Honor of an Individual
Policy 113 Memorial and Honorific Objects
Policy 115 Display of Flags
Procedure 115.1 Lowering of University Flag to Half-Mast (Upon Death of Employee or Elected Student Official)
Policy 120 Legal Processes - Summonses and Complaints, and Subpoenas
Procedure 120.1 Producing Records Under Subpoena Duces Tecum and Deposition Subpoenas
Policy 125 Offer of Monetary Rewards in Criminal Investigations
Policy 130 Emergency Notifications (BruinAlert)
Policy 131 Weapons on University Property
Policy 132 Workplace Violence Prevention
Policy 133 Security Camera Systems (Interim Policy)
Policy 134 Automated License Plate Recognition Systems and Information
Policy 135 Animals on University Property
Policy 136 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
Policy 140 UCLA Medal
Policy 141 UCLA Fiat Lux Award
Policy 150 Conflict of Interest
Policy 151 Integrity of Undergraduate Admission Process
Policy 160 Faculty, Staff, or Student Death Response and Reporting
Procedure 160.1 Employee Death Reporting
Procedure 160.2 Student Death Response and Reporting
Policy 191 Mass Gift and Membership Solicitations
Policy 192 Soliciting, Accepting, and Returning Gifts
Policy 193 Allocation and Reallocation of Gifts