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Facilities (800s) - Active APPs

Type APP Title
Policy 809 Single-Use Plastics
Policy 810 Smoke and Tobacco-Free Environment
Policy 811 Environment, Health, and Safety
Policy 812 Parking Facilities Displacement/Buy-Out
Procedure 815.1 Requesting Facilities Management Services
Procedure 820.1 Response to Initiation of Cal/OSHA Safety Inspection Investigation
Policy 825 Key and Electronic Access Administration and Control
Procedure 825.1 Building Entrance Keying, Electronic Access, and Control
Procedure 850.1 Placement of Temporary Structures on the UCLA Campus
Policy 860 Extracurricular Use of University Facilities
Procedure 860.2 Security Arrangements for Special Visitors
Policy 862 Interim Major Events Not Sponsored by a University Unit
Policy 863 Filming and Photography on Campus
Policy 870 General Assignment Classroom Scheduling
Policy 880 Assignment and Management of Campus Space
Procedure 880.1 Requests for Additional Space or Modifications to Existing Space
Procedure 880.2 Requests for Off-Campus Real Property Leasing
Policy 890 Gender Inclusive Facilities