APP Historical Revisions

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This is a list of APP updates in chronological order, beginning with the most recent update. This list can be sorted by APP number. Subscribe here to receive email notifications whenever there is a new or change to an APP.

Effective APP Description
11/15/2022 Proc 310.5 UCLA Messenger Services. Description: Procedure 310.5 changes include: reformatting to align with updated administrative procedures template and changing Issuing Officer from Administrative Vice Chancellor to Vice Chancellor and CFO
8/14/2009 Proc 310.5 UCLA Messenger Services. This revised procedure updates the process for requesting campus messenger services.
7/01/1998 Proc 310.5 UCLA Messenger Services. References to campus departments, officers, services updated. No substantive changes to previous version. This procedure supersedes UCLA Procedure 310.5, dated January 1, 1991.