APP Historical Revisions

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This is a list of APP updates in chronological order, beginning with the most recent update. This list can be sorted by APP number. Subscribe here to receive email notifications whenever there is a new or change to an APP.

Effective APP Description
5/09/2008 Proc 615.1 Employee Driving Records. Department heads must now submit a photocopy of the current Driver's License for each prospective incumbent to the Employee Pull Notice Program. The job title "Automotive Technician Supervisor" has been added to the list of University employees to whom this procedure applies.
5/02/2006 Proc 615.1 Employee Driving Records. This revised procedure updates references to the DMV Employer Pull Notice Program. Attachment B, UCLA Employer Pull Notice Program Add, Delete, Update form (formerly Attachment C) has been significantly revised.
7/01/1998 Proc 615.1 Employee Driving Records. References to campus departments, officers, services updated. No substantive changes to previous version. This procedure supersedes UCLA Procedure 615, dated April 15, 1991.