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Business & Finance (300s & 700s) - Active APPs

Type APP Title
Policy 300 University Insurance and Risk Management
Procedure 300.1 General, Auto and Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Claims and Lawsuits
Procedure 300.2 University Property Insurance, Securing Coverage and Reporting Claims
Procedure 300.3 University Owned or Leased Motor Vehicles: Physical Damage Insurance, Coverage, Accident Reporting, and Claims Procedures
Procedure 300.4 Fine Arts and Collections Insurance
Procedure 300.5 Transit Insurance, Securing Coverage and Reporting Claims
Policy 305 Workers' Compensation Rate Additive Program
Procedure 305.1 Workers' Compensation Rate Additive Program Funding Guidelines
Policy 310 UCLA Mail and Bulk Mail Services
Procedure 310.1 Mail Services (Campus, U.S., and International Mail)
Procedure 310.5 UCLA Messenger Services
Procedure 310.6 Ordering Postage Stamps and Stamped Post Cards
Policy 311 Access to and Use of University Mailing Lists
Policy 313 Prevention of Identity Theft
Policy 314 Payment Card Processing Standards
Policy 315 UCLA Document Services
Policy 316 BruinPost Messaging Service
Procedure 320.1 Use of University Rental Pool Vehicles
Policy 340 Sales and Service Activities
Policy 345 Short Term Investment Pool (STIP) Income on Gifts, Grants, and Endowments
Policy 347 Recovery of Operating Costs from Private Gifts
Procedure 348.1 Student Sponsorship; Agreements, Billing, and Collection of Fees
Policy 350 Telecommunication Systems Services
Procedure 350.1 Telephone and Voice Related Services
Procedure 350.2 Campus Directories
Procedure 350.4 Two-Way Radio Services
Procedure 350.6 Campus Backbone Network (CBN)
Procedure 350.7 Community Antenna Television System (CATV)
Policy 360 Internal Control Guidelines for Campus Departments
Procedure 360.1 Misappropriation of University Assets by University Academic, Staff and Student Employees
Policy 361 Cash Handling Safety and Security
Procedure 720.2 Acquisition and Disposal of Surplus and Salvage University Property
Policy 740 Purchasing Goods and Services
Policy 741 Low-Value Purchases
Policy 742 Acquisition of Works of Art, Antiquities, and Artifacts
Procedure 742.1 Acquiring Works of Art, Antiquities, and Artifacts
Procedure 742.2 De-acquisition of Works of Art by Sale or Exchange
Procedure 745.1 Acquisition of Vehicles and Vessels